10 Reasons to Choose Bible Blast as Your Elementary Bible Curriculum

10 Reasons to Choose Bible Blast as Your Elementary Bible Curriculum

Our Bible Blast elementary Bible curriculum is great for families and Christian educators. Our approach is simple and effective, well structured, thought out, and successful. Here are some of the reasons that you should consider using Bible blast as your elementary Bible curriculum:

1 – It supports godly parenting.
Our elementary Bible curriculum will help you as you strive to be a godly parent. The structure of our elementary bible curriculum is perfect for leading and guiding you as a parent in instructing your children in Christian living. In this day and age, it can be difficult to consistently set aside the time needed for properly educating your children in the Bible. That’s why a tool like our elementary Bible curriculum is such powerful asset. It will help keep you accountable, and ensure that you’re steadily maintaining spiritual growth for both yourself as well as your family.  

2 – Your desire for the things of God will grow.

As you spend time teaching your children the Word of God with our elementary Bible curriculum, not only will your child’s desires for the things of God grow, but your desires for what God has for you will also grow. You’ll get to experience the transformational power of God‘s Word right there with your children. As you draw closer and closer to the Lord, you draw closer and closer to your family, and the relational bonds between you and your children will be strengthened as you both will have a steady foundation of God’s Word in your life.  

It will help refocus your family.

God has so much in His Word that he wants you and your children to experience, and our elementary Bible curriculum is just the beginning. As you continue to read the Word of God and delve deeper into the things He has for you, you’ll begin unlocking more and more and gain a clear picture of Who God is and His plan and purpose for your life.  

Have meaningful shared experiences.

Doing our elementary Bible curriculum with your family or classroom means that you will have meaningful shared experiences as you learn the word of God together. Observing a child-like understanding of God‘s Word will rekindle your personal faith. You’ll be able to discuss the different stories and truths that you’re learning with the children. As you do so, these truths and the things that you’re learning will sink deeper and deeper into their hearts.  

Address hard questions.

Teaching your children the Word of God with our elementary bible curriculum will present you with the perfect opportunity that you need in order to discuss difficult issues with children. Our children in this day and age are surrounded by all kinds of negative influences and difficult situations. Consistently reading through the Bible with them and discussing different issues as they arise will play a large part in preparing your children for the future. Addressing difficult issues while your children are still young can help them learn things from a biblical perspective rather than learning things from the world around them.  

Help your family learn to pray.

Prayer is such a vital aspect in the life of any believer, and yet, so often it is forgotten and neglected. Opening or closing your Bible Blast lesson with prayer is a great way to demonstrate to them a godly prayer life. As children see you pray,  it will embolden them to pray more in their personal lives. They will start to see prayer as an important and natural element in their everyday life.  

Help your family be bold in their faith.

The more that you discuss the Bible with your children in each of our elementary Bible curriculum lessons, the bolder they will become and sharing their faith with others. There’s no better way to prepare for evangelizing then for your children to consistently discuss the things of God with you and with their peers as they learn.

As believers, we’ve been given the incredible commission from God to share the gospel with the world everywhere that we go. In our elementary Bible curriculum, kids will see the real-life Bible examples of people living out their faith. Through our curriculum, kids will experience the power given to them knowing Jesus. They’ll learn about their identity in Christ and everything that He’s obtained for us when He died and rose again from the grave.

Foster imagination.

The Bible is filled with incredible true stories. As your children learn about creation, Noah’s ark, the crossing of the Red Sea, Jonah and the great fish, and other incredible stories, they will be inspired and filled with wonder. Teaching the Bible to children from a young age will help them come to the understanding that the sky’s the limit when it comes to God‘s plans for their lives.  

Leave a positive legacy.

As parents and Christian educators, we all want to leave a positive and lasting legacy of a family and loved ones that steadily follow after God. Being educated in the Word is the first step towards this. As you spend time going through the Word in our elementary Bible curriculum, your family will grow in their faith and their relationship with God will grow increasingly stronger. Being educated in the word is the first step towards this.  

Easy for a busy family.

Life can be incredibly busy these days. That’s why our easily segmented lessons are perfect for families and Christian educators that are always on the go. Taking as little as 10 minutes, each lesson is the perfect size and length for consistently teaching children more about the Word of God on a regular everyday basis.

Our elementary Bible curriculum is perfect for helping those you are teaching take their relationship with God to the next level.
  Thank you for learning more about our elementary Bible curriculum! If you decide to get our materials, we know that both you, as well as those you are educating, will be thoroughly blessed and encouraged in your walk with God.

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