What’s The Best Church Bible Curriculum for 2nd Graders?

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What’s The Best Church Bible Curriculum for 2nd Graders?

Best Second Grade Bible Curriculum

2nd grade is an exciting time in children’s lives where they start to ask deeper questions about life and truth. Kids in the second grade are full of wonder and excitement and yet they have a hunger to learn. There are many options available when it comes to second grade Bible curriculums.

So, what is the best church Bible curriculum for 2nd gradersThe Bible Blast Church Curriculum is the best church Bible curriculum for second graders. This program isn’t just an entertaining source for your children, but one that makes Biblical truths a huge priority. Bible Blast imparts biblical knowledge to your kids by walking your kids through the greatest stories of the Bible step by step and letting them discover the amazing works of God.

Each lesson is filled with powerful truths of the scripture and Bible Blast makes it fun! They have captivating activities and engaging stories to keep your kids attention and activate their hearts. Listed below are a few reasons why I think Bible Blast would be a great fit for your 2nd grader’s growing mind and heart.

Teaches a Biblical World View

Church Bible Curriculum for 2nd Graders2nd grade is a critical age where kids are starting to understand how to take in and process the environments they live in, and where they find their place and role in those environments. Their belief system of how they see themselves and how they see the world defines their worldview. This is why we need to be so aware and intentional about what our children are taking in.

The shows they watch, the music they listen to, and the friends they make all play a vital role in developing their worldview. The lessons Bible Blast provides bring your children back to the heart of the Bible through play and activities. These lessons are designed to bring your kids back to key foundational principles of God’s love for them and the wonderful creation He has made for us.

Shares The Great Commission

Speaking of the world, one of the main focuses of most Christian families is to raise children who will not just love the Lord with their whole hearts, but take that love and devotion to the ends of the earth! Sometimes we forget the influence children can have on the relationships around us.

This is why we need to be keenly aware of equipping our children with tools to share the Gospel with the people in their lives. One of the goals of The Bible Blast Curriculum is that your children’s hearts will be stirred to own their faith and give it away to the people around them, following The Great Commission.

Exemplifies Living Selfless Lives

If there is one thing we all know about kids, it’s that they often have their needs at the forefront of their minds. The lessons Bible Blast created beautifully share how to live lives not just for their own gain, but how to help others around them. You will be surprised by how your kids start to learn to consider other’s needs in their communities and families and grow out of their toddler tunnel vision.

Bible Blast illuminates the scripture and how God has given to us out of such an abundant heart so we can now give in abundance and generosity as well. As your 2nd grader learns more about the giving heart of God they will also begin to think differently about how they live and the needs of others and will start to live it!

Learning Through Fun

Think back to when you were in the 2nd grade – what was the most important thing in your life? “Fun” was most likely first on your list, if not in the top 3. In order to get our kids to care about and retain the information we are giving them, we have to make it fun! Bible Blast has got this covered. They have created their Biblical Curriculum with this very thing in mind. The lessons are purposefully engaging and interactive so you kids will not just learn but will come to life during each lesson.

Gaining Confidence

I am sure we can all remember a time in life when we were shy and unsure of how we fit into the world around us. Your 2nd grader might have a hard time talking directly to adults, or looking others in the eyes as they are being talked to. They might even have trouble speaking up for themselves. Learning who we are as sons and daughters in the kingdom of God can give your kids the confidence they need and start to see their value and worth.

They will learn about the future God has for them and their authority and inheritance they gain access to through their walk with Christ. In addition, they will learn about the calling God has on their lives. God has a plan for each one of his children. When they realize that they can be the work boots on the ground and the hands and feet of Jesus they will start to gain an understanding of purpose and confidence. Your 2nd grader will learn about their identity in Jesus coming first and the kindness of His heart towards them as His children. Instead of focusing on their failures, they will see the beautiful exchange of grace offered to them.

Teaches Biblical Leadership

Now more than ever our kids need to learn how to be leaders and not just follow the crowd. Even though 2nd grade isn’t known for full-blown peer-pressure, children need to be equipped to handle the everyday challenges and how to be set apart in them. The Bible lessons in Bible Blast are meant to help your child learn that they don’t have to do what everyone else is doing and how to be humble in their righteous decision-making.

These lessons are meant to encourage them to lead by example and stand firm in the truth being taught to them. Knowing the power of God and practicing how to stand on that in today’s world is something that can and should be taught early on in life. The Bible Blast lessons help prepare 2nd graders to be leaders and not give in to societal pressures through real-life Biblical stories and examples.

So whether you are looking for a curriculum to teach your kids selflessness or trying to bring Bible stories to life, the Bible Blast is the best choice for your 2nd grader. 

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