Trophies and Awards

Bible Blast® Trophies and Awards


They’ve worked so hard They’ve passed the test. A salute we must give To the VERY BEST. Salute!

Just a note to make sure you knew about the trophies, ribbons, plaques and metals that are available through All you have to do is list your memory awards, add up your quizzing point and the rest is a piece of cake! Colors, logo placements and design have already been carefully thought through in providing for the Bible Blast child memories for a life time.

Click the button to view or download the awards catalog to get started. Depending on your budget, there are options galore. If you prefer to simply call and fax in your order, the phone 918-446-2525 or 800-915-2526 – fax (918-446-2539). You will be asked to fax in your order to obtain the correct spelling of your Blasters. Before trophies are shipped, the full cost of trophies and shipping will be confirmed to you.


The biggest bonus to these trophies is that they are VERY AFFORDABLE and the shipping is slick. You need to allow 3 business days to assemble your order plus ground shipping from Tulsa, OK.


Please understand that Bible Blast® is trademarked through the United States government and any use of this name in conjunction with a Bible Blast program is against the law without permission. In other words, if you use a local trophy company, the Bible Blast logo and name can not be used. If you would like to purchase rights to use the Bible Blast name and/or logo, please call 918-446-4844.


You will find this process so easy and all you will have to do is blow up the party balloons and listen to the applause. Did I say they are sooooo very affordable?


~Blessings, Jane Mitchell

Nothing else works as effectively as Bible Blast. It really is a BLAST!