Bible Blast FAQs

Bible Blast FAQs

What is Bible Blast?

Bible Blast is a parent-driven program designed for 4-year olds through fifth-graders. It is a fun, fast-paced, rewards-based program that has a unique blend of both Bible story reading and scripture memory. Bible Blast is designed to teach children God’s word.

If the parents teach/read at home, what happens when the children come together at church each week?

Once a week, Bible Blast meets together for the motivational, high-energy, incentive-driven, reward-giving Bible Blast program. Part of the time is spent quizzing the children on their reading for the week. (Questions and answers for each week are found in the Bible Blast Manual and will have been studied at home.) Each child who “quizzes out” (answers a portion of the questions correctly) receives a prize. Children are also given the opportunity to recite any memory verses they have worked on. Memory work is also rewarded with prizes that are explained in detail in each Bible Blast Manual. These prizes increase in value as the memory work increases in difficulty. Praise and worship as well as a lesson based upon the week’s Bible reading can be included. It is at this weekly meeting that the child’s obedience and the family’s discipline for the week is rewarded.

What is the focus of Bible Blast?

The focus of Bible Blast is to offer a tool for parents to follow the mandate of scripture and impress the word of God on the hearts of their children.

Is it lawful to copy any of the Bible Blast materials?

Bible Blast materials are NOT to be copied or stored in any form, written or digital, in anyway without prior written permission. Please respect the copyright laws and DO NOT copy any of the quiz questions, any of the listed memory components, or other written passages in the Bible Blast Manual, the Director’s Manual, any and all materials found on the Bible Blast CD, the T-Shirts, Trophies and all other Bible Blast resource materials. The Bible Blast Manual is NOT to be re-typed or copied and distributed in any way.

Who is using Bible Blast?

Bible Blast is designed to be used in many learning environments: school, church or home. Churches all across the nation are using this program for either Wednesday or Sunday activities.

How many volunteers will I need to start Bible Blast?

Bare minimum would be three volunteers – a Director and two more needed during the quizzing part of the program. As the size grows, so do the number of volunteers needed. There will usually be at least one parent of every child there so you have a built in volunteer base to call on as your program grows in number of children involved. Parents love Bible Blast and are more than wiling to volunteer.

What does the yearly calendar look like for Bible Blast?

Bible Blast is scheduled during the school year. The BEST time to begin is the first week after school begins. In the Fall, discipline is high and parents are eager for a scheduled program. The first half of Bible Blast should be finished by the third week in November. From Thanksgiving time till after January 1 should be Bible Blast break. Bible Blast season is best completed by the end of April — COMPLETELY finished with Finale/awards and everything.

How is Bible Blast financed within the church?

In the strictest sense, it is financed by the parents. Whatever the child earns in awards/prizes, the parents are to reimburse through an offering. This is like any other program that children are involved in. Whether it is a sports team, dance class, or music lessons, the parents are ultimately responsible for every reward. The church will initially provide the prizes, but the parents are responsible to reimburse. An example of this is to look at a train. The engine (Director) is provided by the church and the coal car that keeps the program going is the parents.

What ages of children are perfect for Bible Blast?

Bible Blast curriculum is designed for ages 4 through the 5th grade. However, there are four year olds that are ready to learn in a group setting and others that just enjoy livin’ and breathin’. A parent of a four year old can tell if Blast is for their child.

How much time should be scheduled for the Bible Blast program?

Within the Director’s Manual there are three different schedules that can be followed, each of which meets weekly. Programs can last from one to two hours.

What does each child need for Bible Blast?

Bible Blast is like a course – just one syllabus and one text is needed per family available through The text used is a story Bible, complete with pictures called The Picture Bible by David C. Cook. It covers the Bible from the story of creation all the way to Paul’s declaration, “I fought the good fight, I finished my course.” The syllabus that is used is the actual Bible Blast Manual. It is divided into twenty-four “Blasts.” Each “Blast” correlates to a certain number of pages read from The Picture Bible and consists of questions and answers that are divided by age. The program covers the entire Bible in one year. In addition, the manual contains the optional memory portion of the program which is also divided into age appropriate sections.

Does the Bible Blast program detail everything I need so I can begin right away?

Yes, once you choose Bible Blast, the Director’s Manual has an easy, step-by-step set-up to follow for the weeks prior to the first meeting as well as through the entire year. Included are sample bulletin announcements, parent orientation notes, Bible Blast clip art, resources for ordering prizes, actual room arrangements, meeting schedules, and much more.

What do you mean by “parent-driven” program?

As stated in Deuteronomy 6, parents are given the commandment to impress God’s word on their children. Thus, parents are to be the primary influence in their children’s lives and are asked to read the Bible stories and review the questions with their children during the week. Bible Blast is perfect for those families who were looking for a devotional with the added bonus of a weekly meeting.

Is Bible Blast available in Spanish?

Si. The Bible Blast Manual, The Picture Bible and all the coordinating videos are available in Spanish. If you are interested in ordering, call (918) 446-4844.

Why are parents encouraged to read TO their children? Can’t older children just read it themselves?

Reading to their child reinforces the parent’s role as the spiritual leaders of the family. Parents are responsible for instilling the Word of God in the hearts of their children whatever their age. This will accomplish the goal of transferring their faith to their children. Let the children relax and enjoy the pictures. God told us to talk to our children about the Word of God. Reading to their child gives the parent the freedom to put down the Bible and share with them how God has impacted the lives of people in their own family as well. Reading together will focus the entire family on what character issues need to be emphasized for their children. Whether they have the Bible with them or not, whether they are driving down the road or lying down or getting up, the parents know what their child is being taught each week. The opportunities are boundless when the family is all on the same page.

Can you give me some exact figures on the cost of Bible Blast?

Usually a church is given an initial budget to begin a new program. Another aspect to consider is the Director’s time. There are several options to choose from and Bible Blast has everything you will need. It is a turn-key operation. The complete Director’s Program for your church is available for $299. This includes Director’s Materials CD. There is nothing more for the director to buy. Organizations fund Bible Blast in many ways. Some cover a portion of the Bible Blast Manual; some cover all of the cost of the Bible Blast Manual or The Picture Bible while others let the parents pay the full cost of both of these on their own. It has been our experience that materials purchased by the individual families are valued more than those materials given to the families by the church. The Director will need to use the initial budget funds to purchase prizes for the prize table, the Bowl, the ABC and XYZ Memory Verses and the other Memory Level prizes.


  • Each family needs 1 Bible Blast Manual $28.95
  • Each family needs 1 The Picture Bible $13.95 Each
  • Program Director needs 1 Director’s Packet – see


*The Director’s Manual has 125 pages of everything the Director will need: every question the Director may have; every resource number available; every suggestion for lessons; every bit of material needed to begin the Bible Blast program. There are 16 sections that will provide you with the ability to direct your program fully equipped. The Bible Blast Director’s CD is full of materials that will enhance your Bible Blast program. Simply download from the CD to your computer and print from your color printer. Forms, nametags, promotional materials, etc. are in full color and can be customized to your specifications. Everything is at your fingertips. This is a huge help to the Director. Reinventing the wheel on programs takes so much time for a Director. All is done for you on the Bible Blast CD. Read over the contents and you will see how easy it can be.

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