Bible Blast® Director’s Packet


Director’s Manual which includes 130 pages, 16 sections, of everything the Director will need: every question the Director and/or parents may have; every resource available; every suggestion for lessons; every bit of material needed to begin the Bible Blast program. Not sold separately.  Read a detailed description below:

This Packet includes:  


  • 130 pages with 11 sections including Introduction, Questions, Getting Started, Bible Blast, Registration, Quizzing, Tools, Memory, Recognition, Offering
  • Answer for questions the Director and/or parents may have
  • A count down to your Bible Blast Launch with actions items for preparation every week until the first meeting
  • Pictures on how to set up rooms, prize tables, and ideas on what to purchase for prizes
  • An outline to follow for every meeting, including parent orientations
  • Optional Memory Component curriculum and suggesting for memory rewards
  • An extensive list of trophies, rewards and ribbons and direct access to the retailer for purchase

Director’s Resources

Includes all the digital downloads and printables you need to make Bible Blast a turn-key program. All the forms, graphics, promoting tools and record-keeping programs to make Bible Blast the easiest program to start and sustain including: 

  • Announcements for bulletins, and online media
  • Charts for record-keeping including attendance, quizzes, memory and offering records
  • Suggestion for links to videos and puppet shows that enhance learning
  • Welcome letter to Bible Blast
  • Sample letters for parents
  • Talking points for every meeting you’ll need with both volunteers and parents
  • Bible Blast Buck graphics for printing
  • Boy, Girl & Coach names tags for printing
  • All forms you’ll need including registration, quizzing records, memory records
  • Suggestions for video & puppet show supplements for each week
  • EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED from beginning to end of Bible Blast is included!
  • Endless availability to the Bible Blast team of experts via phone/email.

Bible Blast Theme Song

An explosive, exciting, interactive song to start your Bible Blast. It is fun for the children at the weekly Blast AND to a great way to present themselves before the entire congregation showing the Bible IS a Blast!


The Picture Bible Rap

This step-by-step instructional video is fun, fun, fun! The Rap involves body motion for the child to tag the events of the entire Picture Bible – from Creation to the Apostle Paul. A powerful tool for children to recall the major events of the Bible in chronological order.

This is a digital product delivered on a flash drive. Bible Blast® and Bible Biz® curriculums are copyrighted and are protected by law. It is unlawful to copy or distribute. No refunds offered.

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