Top Rated Elementary Bible Curriculum

Top Rated Elementary Bible Curriculum

Top-Rated Elementary Bible Curriculum

As a parent, I have noticed that my children are constantly changing and moving into new phases of their development. It seems like it happens way too fast. One second you’re at the hospital holding them in your arms for the first time and then you blink and they are seven years old and arguing with you. In every phase of development, I find my kids have different needs, questions and that parenting requires adjusting to each season to best help and instruct them.

It sometimes feels like you are building a plane in the air without instructions. I have found that finding good resources to help me that is designed for the stage they are at is immensely helpful. As kids move into the elementary stage of their lives I found myself looking for resources to help teach them scripture. I wanted a top rated elementary Bible curriculum that I could trust and that would be easy to use. I wanted to make sure I found something that was designed for them in the season of development they are in right now.

Bible Blast is a top-rated elementary Bible curriculum designed to help elementary-age students learn God’s word and have a blast doing so.

It’s designed to be a resource for parents, Sunday school teachers or home educators to help teach students the Bible. It provides an easy-to-use structure and framework to help encourage bible memorization, character development and understanding the story of scripture. It’s proven and simple approach works well with one student or a class of 300 plus and is designed to be versatile across a variety of teaching environments.

Bible Blast has helped thousands of students learn God’s word earning its reputation as a top-rated elementary bible curriculum. The goal of Bible Blast is not just the impartation of information but the experience of transformation in every student’s life as they learn the Word of God. Bible Blasts goal is to help you lay a spiritual foundation in your child’s life that they can build on for years to come.

Seasons of Growth

I heard someone describing different seasons you go through as a parent with your children. They described the very early years as the discipline years. The elementary age years as the training years. The teen years as the mentoring years with the goal of moving on into the friendship years as your child moves into adulthood.

The thing that stood out to me the most about what they said though was how every season built on top of the other and how important it was to focus on helping your child in the season they are at now. Laying a great biblical foundation in your child’s life in the training years of elementary age can help set you up for success as a parent as you help them navigate the often more turbulent teen years and move more and more into the role of mentor instead of disciplinarian. Sometimes you can be somewhat blind to the changes in your child as they move into a new season. For myself, I recently noticed that my daughter had moved out of the discipline years and into the training years.

She needed more instruction, one on one time, character coaching, and an understanding of the why behind an action more than she used to. Realizing that she was now in a different season of life and had different needs made me realize it was time to start looking for resources that could help me in these training years. Nothing is more important to me than teaching my children the truth of God’s word so I began to pay more attention to resources that could help me teach her and not simply rely on what she has been learning in Sunday school at church.

Why Bible Blast Is Great For Elementary Students

The search for great resources to help me in the training years led me to Bible Blast as an excellent choice for a top rated elementary bible curriculum to use to teach the bible at home. I wanted something structured enough to give me a good framework to work with but also flexible enough to work with a busy, constantly changing family schedule.

I also wanted something simple, something that didn’t get hung up in unnecessary details but that would stay focused on the core truths of scripture that I think is vitally important for my daughter right now. I wanted something that would help me be consistent with how I taught the Bible and not just trusting in random conversations although those can be beautiful when they happen. Bible Blast checked all of the boxes for what I was looking for in a top rated elementary bible curriculum.

It’s Simple

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leanardo DaVinci

Simple is beautiful and powerful. The key to learning and teaching is distilling things to their simplest and most essential form. Simple isn’t always easy but it is always more effective. Bible Blast keeps things in a simple and easy-to-use format that makes things, well…simple.

Simple is empowering as a teacher and a student. When we feel overwhelmed we tend to shut down and not be as open to learning. When we are not overwhelmed our brains are more open and receptive to new information and ideas and we can process concepts better. It’s important that your student feels like they are making progress and grasping core concepts as they learn about God’s word. Unnecessary complexity can hamper this learning process. Bible Blast keeps learning more about scripture simple for your student and you as a teacher empowering you both to study God’s word together.

It’s Consistent

If you want to make progress you have to be consistent.

“Successful people do consistently what others do occasionally.” Craig Groeschel

Whether you are a parent raising your kids or a volunteer teaching a Sunday school class at church, little eyes are watching you. They see what we do occasionally but they are most impacted by what we do consistently. “Our children are counting on us to provide two things: Consistency and structure. Children need parents who say what they mean, mean what they say, and do what they say they are going to do.” Barbara Coloroso

It’s hard to make consistent progress on a goal with random effort or dependence on inspiration or motivation. We need things that give us a structure to help us be consistent in order to make progress. Bible Blast helps you teach the Bible consistently instead of occasionally. It gives you a structure and format where you can make consistent progress towards the goal of teaching the little eyes that are watching you what it looks like to follow Jesus and love scripture.

It’s Fun!

“There’s no fear when you’re having fun.” Will Thomas

It’s hard to understand why some people think the Bible is boring. A dramatic story of God’s love stretching across 1000s of years across 66 books filled with poetry, prophecy, mystery, daring conquests, and incredible miracles. If we are bored the problem is not the content, it’s the context. The Bible isn’t boring. Bible Blast doesn’t make the Bible exciting, the Bible is exciting!

Bible Blast gives you a context that your student can experience the Bible in and discover how fun and interesting scripture really is. Learning and fun are not disconnected concepts. When your student is having fun they are also learning and engaging with the content. Bible Blast is a top-rated elementary bible curriculum that helps to create the ideal environment of learning and fun working interdependently with each other to achieve amazing results.

Can I sample Bible Blast to get a feel for it and decide if it is the right bible curriculum for me?

It’s always a great idea to try and experience something for yourself before purchase to make sure it fits your needs. Bible Blast offers a free sample so that you can see if it is the right fit for you teaching your student at home or teaching a class at church.

Does Bible Blast have options for older students or is it only an elementary bible curriculum?

Bible Blast does offer a curriculum for older students as well. Bible Biz is a Bible curriculum designed for grades 5th-12th.
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