What’s the Best Church Bible Curriculum for 1st Graders?

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What’s the Best Church Bible Curriculum for 1st Graders?

Best First Grade Bible Curriculum

We understand that finding a great Bible curriculum for your first grader is no easy process. Whether you are perusing your local Christian bookstore or searching the web, choosing the right curriculum for Sunday School can be a challenge for anyone—teachers and parents alike.

What is the best church Bible curriculum is for first graders
Bible Blast is the best Bible curriculum for first graders! The Bible Blast program is a high-energy, incentive-driven, reward-giving Bible curriculum that is sure to be a hit! Bible Blast is a 90-minute program that is created to coincide with the school calendar year. Led by a qualified facilitator, first-grade children will enjoy an exciting journey through the Bible with a carefully tailored curriculum just right for their age group. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons you should consider Bible Blast for the first-graders in your church. 

Prepare First Graders For God to Work in Them

When you use Bible Blast with your first graders, you will have confidence knowing each experience was purposely designed to create a social, emotional, and spiritual environment that prepares hearts and minds for God to work. We are here to partner with you as you create lifelong disciples of Jesus!

We believe that spiritual revolution happens when kids come to know Jesus, rather than just know about Jesus. Our work is to prepare the soil of kids’ hearts so seeds of faith can grow, and a true relationship with Jesus can happen. When you share the lessons available in the Bible Blast curriculum, we know that you and your first graders will be blessed by the spiritual growth that will happen inside of them.

A Revolutionary Bible Curriculum

Bible Blast presents parents and teachers with a unique blend of Bible story reading as well as optional scripture memory in a fun and exciting program for first-grade kids. First-graders across America are raving about this fun, fast-paced program! Bible Blast is a ministry geared towards kids ages 4-12 and offers a unique rewards-based system. A parent-driven Bible curriculum, the mission of Bible Blast is to provide parents with a tool that empowers them to follow the mandate of scripture and impress the Word of God on the hearts of their children, training them up and teaching them the truths found in the Bible.

Engage Your First Graders With Fun Activities

Bible Curriculum for 1st GradersThe Bible Blast curriculum includes weekly Scripture memory verses and Bible studies designed to show first graders how the Bible applies to their everyday life. Group activities are divided into four sections: Memory Time, Large Group Time, Quizzing Time, and Recognition Time. Plus, the Bible Blast lessons are designed to provide kids from 4-years-old to 12-years-old a time to learn together!

Every Bible Blast meeting begins with an upbeat Bible Blast song. Next, that week’s corresponding lesson is presented through a puppet show, story, or video—with all materials provided by Bible Blast! Then the first graders are divided into age-related quiz groups where they are asked some of the questions they prepared for during their home study time. Finally, Bible Blast is wrapped up with a time for prizes and recognition. Your first-grade kids will be so excited about winning the prizes, they won’t stop bugging you about learning scripture. 

Bible Blast is Designed to Work in Multiple Environments

Designed to work in a variety of environments, Bible Blast is versatile enough to be used as a family devotional with your first grader or as a large church Sunday School curriculum. Bible Blast is the perfect Bible curriculum for your first Grade Sunday school.

Those meeting in Sunday schools and Wednesday services will enjoy the benefits of adding Bible Blast to their first-grade church programs. First-grade children’s directors will be amazed by the increase in church attendance which often doubles, even triples, at some churches. Bible Blast is a first-grade kids’ Bible curriculum that pays for itself! 

Fun For Families of All Sizes

Families with first-graders will love the highly engaging, Biblically-based activities provided by Bible Blast. Whether single mom or dad, two-parent home, grandparents, an only child, or multiple children, nobody feels left out in a Bible Blast lesson! Bible Blast can be easily added to the homeschool schedule of a single-family, or a multi-family co-op.  

What’s Included In My Bible Blast At Home Purchase?

When you purchase Bible Blast at Home for use with your first grader you will receive the Picture Bible and Bible Blast Parent Manual. The Picture Bible, divided into 24 sections, covers the Bible from the story of creation all the way to the Apostle Paul. The Bible Blast Parent Manual contains 24 weeks of Blasts with age-appropriate questions and answers for four-year-old through 5th graders – a total of seven years of the curriculum.  It contains the curriculum of the entire program with an optional memory program.

What’s Included In The Bible Blast Director’s Packet?

When you purchase the Bible Blast Director’s Packet for your first grade Sunday School class you will get the Director’s Manual which includes 130 pages with 11 sections including Introduction, Questions, Getting Started, Bible Blast, Registration, Quizzing, Tools, Memory, Recognition, and Offering.

Also, answer for questions the Director and/or parents may have, a countdown to your Bible Blast Launch with actions items for preparation every week until the first meeting, pictures on how to set up rooms, prize tables, and ideas on what to purchase for prizes, an outline to follow for every meeting, including parent orientations, optional Memory Component curriculum and suggesting for memory rewards, an extensive list of trophies, rewards and ribbons and direct access to the retailer for purchase. As a Bible Blast Director, you can be confident knowing that you have received every bit of material needed to begin the Bible Blast program.

Are you interested in learning more? Find our Bible Curriculum for first graders and beyond here.

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