What’s The Best Church Bible Curriculum for 6th Graders?

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What’s The Best Church Bible Curriculum for 6th Graders?

Best Sixth Grade Bible Curriculum

Sixth grade is a pivotal time in a child’s life – they have just entered middle school and are well on their way to figuring out who they are. At this point, they understand the basics of Bible Study and are beginning to dive deeper – asking more informed questions and even complex theoretical questions. Now is the time to challenge them with the perfect Bible curriculum.

So, what is the best church Bible curriculum for 6th graders? Bible Blast, more specifically Bible Biz, Church Curriculum is the best church Bible curriculum for 6th graders! This is an extremely versatile program that focuses on establishing a foundation for children to build personal relationships with Jesus. Bible Biz takes this foundation and builds upon it – encouraging kids to interact with the Bible on their own.

Every time Bible Blast is used, you can be sure that each experience was designed to create a social, emotional, and spiritual environment that prepares hearts and minds for God to work. Whether little effort is put into learning, or the most effort a child can muster – Bible Biz will make a positive impact on your child’s life.

Continuation of Bible Blast

Bible Biz is the next step in your child’s Bible education. Designed for 5th-12th graders, this program is uniquely focused on challenging children to study God’s word on their own. Continuing with verse memorization and verse-by-verse study, children will learn how to institute a routine that suits them.

Whether you’re working through the curriculum at home or at church, Bible Blast is easy to incorporate with the school calendar. As 6th graders, extracurriculars have likely increased, as well as the level of difficulty in school work. This can make it challenging for your kids to continue pursuing strong Bible knowledge.

With fun activities planned into the curriculum, kids have an incentive to keep learning, as well as create a daily routine that they can carry with them for years.

Short Daily Devotionals

One piece of the program is the inclusion of short, daily devotionals. Sometimes it can be difficult as adults to routinely study God’s word when we don’t have an example or plan. In the same way, our kids will find it easier to set aside time when they know they have something specific to look at.

These short devotionals encourage the kids to read a verse or chapter, answer a question or questions about what they read, and pray about it. This process teaches them to not only read God’s word but to actually engage in it.

If you choose to work through Bible Biz at home, it could be helpful to set aside time as a family to enter into quiet times. Your children will get the benefit of seeing how you work through a devotional and how to insert that into their own routine.

Quizzing Equipment

Church Bible Curriculum for 6th GradersSixth graders still have a lot of energy, even with all of their other activities! So something that has been included in the Bible curriculum is a socially interactive quiz opportunity. (It can work both at home and at church.)

As part of a rewards system, the quizzes push our children to memorize Bible verses and recall what they’ve read in their devotionals during the week. Over time, you will begin to see how impactful this can be – not only in their memorization skills but also how it can act as another conscience for your kids.

The socially interactive part of the quizzes provides a good witnessing opportunity as well! No one is too young to learn how to tell others about Jesus and the Gospel. By including a fun activity that provides a reward, your kids may be inclined to ask their friends to join them. What better way to learn God’s word!

Concordance, Maps, and Chart Learning

As your kids expand their knowledge at school, they can do the same with Bible Biz! Bible Biz teaches them how to use a concordance – perhaps even to learn all of the books of the Bible in order! The Bible is a big book and taking the time to learn where each book is located can be advantageous.

They can increase their geographic knowledge by visualizing where the stories they are reading actually happened by learning how to read maps. Some kids are auditory learners, some tactile/kinesthetic, and others are visual. By looking at maps, kids can better understand the context of the stories and how different times really are.

In the same way, they can advance their chart-learning skills by reading genealogies. Genealogies aren’t the only type of chart a child can learn through Bible Blast – they can create and read timelines too!

All of this extra information won’t only benefit them in their Biblical knowledge, but also set them up for success in school – maybe even helping them get ahead of their peers!

Study in More Ways Than One

As with any other Bible Blast curriculum, Bible Biz can be studied in many different ways. At home, at church, individually, with family, etc. – even with kids that are younger or older in age.

Maybe your child works better independently and doesn’t need any incentives, or maybe they thrive on competition and want something to look forward to. Bible Blast offers a range of supplies and tools for you to choose from – helping you to find the perfect program for your kid.

Building up a solid foundation of Biblical knowledge and spiritual verses is important for children as they enter the challenging years of adolescence. While Bible Blast provided them this foundation, Bible Biz will now help them build upon it by learning how to study on their own. Engaging in God’s Word is what makes it come alive and Bible Biz starts that teaching for kids.

Are you interested in learning more about this type of Bible curriculum? Find our Bible Curriculum for sixth graders here.
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