What’s The Best Church Bible Curriculum for 3rd Graders?

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What’s The Best Church Bible Curriculum for 3rd Graders?

Best Third Grade Bible Curriculum

Third grade is a time for exploration and new things. Third graders have high energy and developmentally are becoming more adept at writing and performing physically. They can read and write well and can understand complex ideas. They can use scissors and small tools. Third graders can understand complex emotions and are beginning to self-define.

So, what is the best church Bible curriculum for 3rd gradersBible Blast has a selection of curriculum that can meet your third-grader’s needs and help them grow spiritually. At this stage, it is very important to be able to play a part in your third grader’s spiritual life. As third graders learn right from wrong, learn to experience and expect rules and rituals, question authority, and test limits, it is important that you as a parent are invested spiritually in their growth. 

Here are the top five things that you should be looking for as you choose the right Bible curriculum for your third grader.

Bible Curriculum Structure

It is important to maintain structure so that children can know what to expect and when. It is also important for you as a parent to stay engages and keep track of where you are in your scripture plan. You can be creative in how you introduce structure into your spiritual life. For many years, as a child, the first thing I would do in the mornings was read my Bible. Even before breakfast I would read my Bible and pray. That is just what was expected, it’s what my parents taught me. You have the opportunity to teach habits to your children early, habits they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Bible Blast has easy to plan lessons that are simple to follow as a family and easy to engage with as a church. You’ll have no trouble staying on track and following along with our easy plan.

Engaging Bible Curriculum Content

Church Bible Curriculum for 3rd GradersThird graders love to learn. Everything around them is to be touched and explored. The world is their oyster. Scripture needs to be alive and real to them. Parents can help their children engage scripture in a real way simply by acting out or drawing Bible stories with their children.

Be creative! Have them dress up, build a fort, and act out David and the Lion’s Den. There really is no limit to your imagination in making the content engaging.

Bible Blast uses a brilliant picture bible with illustrated scenes from scripture to help engage children in the stories from the Bible.

As children read about Adam and Eve they can look at pictures of the Tree of Good and Evil and as they read about Sampson they can see his long hair being cut off. The picture Bible makes history more than just words on a page and makes Bible more than just stories, but helps it really come to life.


It is impossible to grow spiritually outside of a community. Christ’s body is made up of many parts and when those parts do not meet together, it is not fully whole. You and your family need to meet with other Christ-followers to talk about scripture and allow your children to engage with like-minded peers.

Bible Blast has a curriculum that can be used at your local church. You can meet with other Christians each week after discussing the material in your home with your family. You will find this experience to be enriching and strengthening for your whole family plus the people you meet with. It is highly encouraged for you to meet with others as you engage in this spiritual journey.

Rewarding Engagement

Children thrive in being rewarded, so why not make scripture learning fun? Bible Blast includes quiz questions and scripture memory verses that can help your child learn about the Bible and have fun while doing it.

Who knows, maybe you’ll learn a few new things as you learn alongside them! You can use these fun techniques to help your whole family learn together and be able to memorize verses. When I was a kid, we put verses to music and would sing songs to memorize scripture verses. I still remember some of those verses today.

Be creative in how you have your children engage the Bible. You can make it fun and rewarding and something that they won’t forget for the rest of their lives. As their parent, you’re in the position to influence them and expose them to God’s Word at an early age. Don’t take that for granted.


Along with scripture memorization and quizzing, it’s important to keep repeating Bible stories and go through the Bible multiple times with children. Through repetition, they will remember these stories and it will be ingrained in their memories. Maybe one day they will act out the story, the next day they can draw it, and the next day they can memorize a verse.

Children do well where there is repetition and their retention is better where content is repeated. Be patient with yourself and with them. Allow your children to ask lots of questions and to encounter scripture themselves.

It will be a rewarding experience for you when your children begin to remember stories and tell them back to you or can point to those stories in the Bible. You’ll know you’re doing something right.

Bonus for Parents!

Bible Blast isn’t only for kids, it can be an excellent experience for parents and children alike! As you grow and learn with your children and accompany them on their spiritual journey, you too will be blessed. 

Whether you are new to Bible curriculums or a long-time veteran, we wish you the best in your journey. As your children grow and learn, we hope that you grow with them and enjoy the journey. Third grade is a time of learning and exploring and we hope it can be a time of exploration and new experiences for the whole family.

Bible Blast has curriculums for all ages and can be helpful for you or your church to get started no matter how experienced you are.

Are you interested in learning more? Find our Bible Curriculum for third graders and beyond here.

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