Bible Blast for Homeschool


Bible Blast® Manual

It contains 24 weeks of Blasts with age-appropriate questions and answers for four-year-old through 5th graders - a total of seven years of curriculum.  It contains the curriculum of the entire program with optional memory program.

Picture Bible - Hard Cover

The Picture Bible, divided into 24 sections, covers the Bible from the story of creation all the way to the Apostle Paul.

Bible Blast® The Picture Bible Rap DVD for Directors

Step-by-step instructional DVD Picture Bible Rap.  Read the full description below.

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Many homeschool families use Bible Blast as their Bible Curriculum. Regardless of how many children are in your family, this is all you need to get started. The Homeschool package also comes with the Rap DVD, taught by Coach Jane herself, the founder of Bible Blast. It is an interactive, powerful tool for children to recall the major events of the Bible in chronological order. Active, fast and fun!


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E-Book, Hardcopy

Bible Blast® Manual

Weight 1.3125 lbs
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Picture Bible - Hard Cover

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Bible Blast® The Picture Bible Rap DVD for Directors

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