A Parent Driven Homeschool Bible Curriculum Updated for 2021-2022 | Bible Blast

A Parent Driven Homeschool Bible Curriculum Updated for 2021-2022 | Bible Blast

8 Reasons to Choose Bible Blast as your Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Our Bible curriculum for homeschool is a great tool for teaching your children the Word of God. Your children will love learning with Bible Blast! Here are a few of the many reasons that you should consider using our Bible curriculum for homeschool:    

1. Leave a Lasting Impact

The first reason you should use our Bible curriculum for homeschool is that by using it to teach your children about God, you will leave a lasting impact on their lives. Helping them become a disciple of Jesus. Learning the Bible is one of the most important things that we can do. By starting young with your children, you’re setting them up to be successful in life. Life can be so hectic and busy with school, work, sports, and friends; but nothing else that we do has the same level of importance as spending time with God, reading the Word, and drawing closer to Him. Our curriculum is just the beginning for your children. It will direct them towards following God all the days of their lives. We honor God when we set aside the necessary time to fellowship with Him and to delve deeper into His Word.  

2. Family-Friendly-Schedule

Another reason you should consider using our Bible curriculum for homeschool is that it is perfect for families with a crazy schedule, and what family doesn’t have a crazy schedule? Each lesson is broken down in such a way that you’ll easily be able to fit them into your everyday routine. Developing the habit of consistently sitting down with your children and teaching them about the Word of God will help them later in life when they must develop their own habits. Spending time with God and reading the Bible will be a normal and natural thing for them because you’ve already spent the time with them over the years helping them form those good habits.  

3. Incentives for Continued Learning

Reading the Bible and spending time with God isn’t just a one-time thing. God has filled His Word with so much truth and so much insight, but it truly takes a lifetime for us to merely touch the surface of what He has for us. Our homeschool Bible curriculum will help your children continue their learning process even after they finish our curriculum. They will have had so much fun learning about God that they’ll want to continue seeking Him on their own. When they study the Word of God on their own in the future, they’ll be reminded of all the wonderful times that they spent learning the Bible with their family.   

4. There’s Never a Dull Moment

We make learning the bible a blast! Pun intended. We know that it can be hard to retain information when you’re bored as you’re learning it. That’s why with our Bible curriculum for homeschool, there’s never a dull moment. From the moment each lesson starts your children will be actively engaged in diving deeper into the incredible things God has for them in the Bible. Each lesson in our Bible curriculum for homeschool is fun and will call upon your children to participate. We find that the more you engage children while they are learning, the more that they will retain the material that you are seeking to teach them. Our Bible curriculum for homeschool is something that your children want to share!   

5. Grow in Wisdom

As we spend time reading God‘s Word,  whether we feel like it or not, the truth is being planted in our hearts, and we grow in wisdom and understanding of the things of God. By teaching your children the Word of God with our Bible curriculum for homeschool, they will grow in wisdom. Years from now when they’re facing a difficult circumstance, a verse that they learned in our curriculum might come to the surface in their hearts and help them through that situation. Your children will be able to avoid a great number of mistakes because they will have godly wisdom to rely upon.  

6. Help Your Children Overcome Temptation

In everyday life, your children are bound to have moments of temptation where they will have to decide whether or not they want to do what’s right or do what’s easy. Consistently teaching your children the Word of God with our Bible curriculum for homeschool will help them have a clear understanding of what is right and wrong, and they will be empowered to make the right decisions because they will have the truth of God’s Word in their hearts. Teaching your children the Word of God with our Bible curriculum for homeschool help them overcome peer pressure and will help them understand that their value comes from God and not how others might perceive them. When they know the Word of God they will have a solid conviction as to how they should live their lives each day. They will want to please God in everything that they do.  

7. Instill Lasting Peace

Peace is one of the incredible benefits that Christians get to experience as children of God. Life can be filled with heartache, disappointment, and tragedies, but when your children have a firm understanding of God’s Word and the promises that they can hold to by faith, they will have peace in every situation. Even when the going gets tough, they will stand strong because the Lord is their comforter. They will remember their lessons from our Bible curriculum for homeschool and put into practice the things that they learned. They will know that God‘s Word and God‘s promises are louder than any circumstance that they face. That they have the victory through Jesus Christ. That no weapon formed against them shall prosper. There is no more invaluable treasure than the word of God hidden in your childs heart.   

8. Direction For Life

Life can be confusing and frustrating, especially around the time that your children finish high school. They will have their entire lives before them, and they will need reliable direction as to what steps they should take next. When you teach your children the Bible through our Bible curriculum for homeschool, they will be able to discern the voice of God. They will know how to be led by the Spirit of God in every situation and walk according to His plan and purpose for their lives.   We can’t wait for your children to experience God‘s Word through our Bible curriculum for homeschool! Their lives will be forever changed should you decide to invest in our wonderful curriculum.
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