Homeschool Elementary Curriculum Updated for 2021-2022 | Bible Blast

Homeschool Elementary Curriculum Updated for 2021-2022 | Bible Blast

Homeschool Elementary Curriculum | Bible Blast – Questions? Contact us here!

A lot of parents and Christian educators are looking for a great homeschool elementary curriculum to teach their children about the word of God. That’s why we created our homeschool elementary curriculum. To help teach your children who they are in Christ and all the wonderful things God has for them in His Word.

When teaching your children about the Word of God, we don’t want it to be some long boring process that they dread. We want it to be fun. We want it to be an adventure. We want it to be a blast. Something that they enjoy, and something that impacts every area of their life when they finish each lesson.

Our homeschool elementary curriculum was created around the premise of creating something that kids will enjoy, they’ll respond to positively, and something they will want to share with their friends at school, homeschool group, or Sunday school.

Our homeschool elementary curriculum will help you as a parent or a Christian educator take things to the next level for your child’s Christian education. they’ll gain a thorough knowledge of the Word of God. Our homeschool elementary curriculum is a proven and professional curriculum that will aid your children in truly understanding the Word of God.

They will be able to take it and apply it to their lives, and you’ll get to see firsthand as they learn about who they are in Christ and what God has done for them.
In our homeschool elementary curriculum, your kids will get to learn about different characters in the Bible.

They will hear stories of how God delivered the Israelites, helped David face Goliath, helped daniel in the lion’s den, and how time and time again God showed himself faithful to the people in the Bible.
Our hope is that your children will take from each lesson that they can see and experience God‘s faithfulness firsthand in their own lives.

That they’ll be able to go into any arena of life filled with light and power because they know the Word of God. Helping them become not just knowledgeable of scripture but a disciple of Jesus. 
Because the Word has been put into their hearts from a young age, they will be able to walk in the truth.

You will be able to have confidence that you as a parent or Christian educator have fulfilled your role in training up your children in the word of God. 
We also know that it’s very important to help parents and Christian educators stay built up in their personal walk and relationship with God.

As you read through each Bible blast lesson with your children we know that you will be greatly encouraged as well and that your personal walk with God will be strengthened from the resources that you are sharing with your children. We know that children often learn best by example.

They’ll be able to see how you walk in the truth of God’s Word, and that will, in turn, encourage them to walk in the truth themselves
God wants to do incredible things in this next generation of young people. He wants to reach the lost, show His love, and spread the Gospel.

But how will children ever do these things if they are not first taught the word of God and who they are in Christ? Knowing God’s word is vitally important for this generation. 
You might be wondering who is our homeschool elementary curriculum for?

Our homeschool elementary curriculum is for families, large or small.  Our curriculum is for homeschool groups, and for Sunday school classes. Families and groups of all sizes will be able to take something wonderful from each lesson.
Our homeschool elementary curriculum has a parent-driven approach which means that you’ll be directly involved in instructing your child in the Word of God.

There are opportunities throughout each lesson where you’ll be able to share personal testimonies or stories that might be applicable to your children’s situations and will help them see firsthand that the Word of God can be directly applied into their own personal situations.

Our hope is that as you go through each lesson that you’ll be able to instill God’s Word in your children’s hearts leaving a lasting and lifetime impact. We invite you to start the journey today and take the first step in investing in your child’s future.

As they say, preparation time is never wasted time. We know that for years to come, you’ll reap the benefits of teaching your children the Word of God. Bible blast is here to help parents and Christian educators easily teach their children the Word of God in a fun and engaging way. At Bible Blast we are always working to make our curriculum even better. 

Our approach to teaching your children the word of God is a relaxed approach. We know that visuals often leave the greatest impact on memory. That’s why we have filled our resources with a plethora of beautiful and colorfully illustrated drawings that will aid your children in committing to memory the scripture verses and stories. 

We encourage you to consider using our homeschool elementary curriculum as your elementary curriculum to help spur your children on towards all of the incredible things that God has for them and wants to do through them. We know that nothing is impossible with God and that the sky’s the limit as far as what your children can accomplish in the future. Our homeschool elementary curriculum is a foundation. A launching point for your children to move into their God-ordained destiny. 

Start Your Journey With Bible Blast

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about our homeschool elementary curriculum. We hope that you’ve been encouraged in regards to the future of your children’s Christian education.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to contact us! You can always browse our website for more great information about our latest resources, as well as any updates about our homeschool elementary curriculum.

If you like our homeschool elementary curriculum, please consider sharing it with any of your friends and family that might be interested.
Thank you again for your interest in our homeschool elementary curriculum! Should you choose to invest in these resources, we know that they’ll be an incredible blessing for you and your loved ones. May God bless you as you help children learn more about their Heavenly Father!
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