Best Bible Lessons for 10 Year Olds

Kids Sunday School Curriculum

Best Bible Lessons for 10 Year Olds

What Are the Best Bible Lessons for 10-Year-Olds?

Kids Bible Curriculum10-year-olds – they have reached double digits and are on the cusp of adolescence! Finding ways to teach them Bible lessons is becoming a bit easier, however, you still may need some help. 

By the age of 10, kids are effectively reading and writing, they have formed personal interests, and know their strengths and weaknesses. So, how do you begin to teach them more about the Bible? Do you teach new lessons, or the ones they already know, but from a new perspective? Let’s dive in and find out.

So, what are the best Bible lessons for 10-year-olds? Bible Blast offers the best Bible lessons for ten-year-olds. Being challenged and having the opportunity to show their independence, their knowledge, and their talents – is what a 10-year-old enjoys when learning. Everything is about change at this age, it’s a period of transition. So, how do you embrace this when teaching Bible lessons

  • Challenge them to think deeper, from a new perspective
  • Start teaching a well-rounded form of thinking
  • Complete the story – what comes “after”

Pushing the learning process beyond just the story encourages them to understand the results of actions – both good and bad. They will not only learn, or re-learn the story, but they will also be able to think about it from another angle. Bible Blast curriculum provides everything you need to incorporate this way of teaching into your Bible lessons for 10-year-olds.

Forming a New Perspective

Sunday School for 10 Year OldsAt 10 years old, kids are probably familiar with most of the Bible stories. The next step in their learning is to find a new perspective, to dig deeper into the meaning of each story.

The Bible is known as the “living word” – meaning there are many interpretations and truths to be gleaned every time it is read.

As their teacher, it is time to start introducing a “devil’s advocate” role. Ask questions that make them think harder about their response, prompt them to justify or reasonably argue their side.
This challenge gives them a chance to think creatively and look at things in a new light.

Bible Blast curriculum has questions that are designed to do exactly this! Your job is simply to ask the questions and give the kids a chance to answer.

All-Encompassing Way of Thinking

Along with giving the kids a new perspective to think from, they need to process their whole thought. If they believe that Daniel and the Lions’ Den was about having faith, start asking the question “why”. Why is it about faith and not forgiveness?

This rebuttal gives them a chance to pursue their reasoning to the end. “It’s about faith because…” or, if they don’t have a reason, you can walk them through it “maybe it’s about faith because…”

Bible Blast provides you with a strong basis on which to start the conversation. It is designed with specific questions in mind that can help you bring the story full circle.

Complete the Story

Sunday School Lessons for KidsAfter they’ve seen things from a new perspective and thought it all the way through, relate it to their real life. Ask them how the lesson from the story can translate into their daily life.

Just like Zakkeus being invited to eat with Jesus, offer a challenge for them to invite the new kid to sit with them.

Help them pursue the results of the lesson. Did Jesus’ followers question his decision to dine with “liars, cheats, and the sick?” If so, what do you say to your friends that question you at lunch?
Talk about how it can be hard to follow your faith when your peers don’t understand or agree, and help them see what comes after the story.

Bible Blast is designed to help you teach lessons at the level that correlates with the student’s age, but it also teaches and reminds you how to apply those lessons to your daily life.

Learn More About Bible Blast

Whether you are looking for a solid Bible curriculum to teach your kids at home, or for a church-wide curriculum for your children’s ministry – Bible Blast is the way to go. Not only is it a great foundation to teach from you, but it is also designed specifically for each child’s age and intelligence level.

From a basic book for lessons to t-shirts, songs, games, and more to choose from, give Bible Blast a try. If you’d like to learn more about what is available and how to get started, contact us today! We’re excited to work with you.

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