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Blast Off!

Many have launched into the new season of Blast and Biz Kid’s Bible Curriculum. Orientation time is another opportunity to repaint the picture of why teaching our children/youth scripture is so very important.


Would you take your child out of math this school year because you don’t have time? Just can’t fit the subject of reading in this year because of a crazy schedule? Have to skip history this year because of health or financial issues. ABSOLUTE NOT!

How much more vastly important is teaching your child the Holy Scriptures over any secular studies? Each Bible story reflects the character of our Great God. His kindness, compassion and long-suffering for us is seen on every page. Hurl your family into Blast and Biz Kid’s Bible Curriculum. Watch for a post each week for ‘rocket fuel’ encouragement to keep on dishing out your children’s heritage of God’s word.  

Many churches and homeschool Blasters have many different launch dates. Simply find the post for the Blast you are on for further encouragement and insight on how to get the most out of Bible Blast for your child(ren). Follow along as we post a Blast for every lesson here on the blog!   Bible Blast Kid’s Bible Curriculum – a great tool for your family!
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