Best Bible Lessons for 8 Year Olds

Best Bible Lessons for Kids

Best Bible Lessons for 8 Year Olds

What Are the Best Bible Lessons for 8-Year-Olds?

At the age of 8, kids start wanting to solve problems and questions on their own. They have begun to read and write, are understanding the basics of experimenting, and are always observing. While this is a great step in their developmental journey, it can make it challenging to find ways to keep them engaged when teaching Bible lessons. How do you create a lesson that keeps 8-year-olds engaged and expands upon their progress in school? Appealing to all learning types and finding ways to incorporate independent participation.

So, what are the best Bible lessons for 8-year-olds? The best Bible lessons for 8-year-olds are lessons that incorporate:

  • Instituting Multiple Intelligence Teaching
  • Providing Space and Time for Independent Reflection
  • Creating Connective-Learning Strategies

All of this information may be overwhelming when trying to find a new way to teach a Bible lesson, but the good news is, Bible Blast can do it all for you. The Bible Blast curriculum provides you with all the information you need to give your 8 year olds a good learning experience with the Bible.

Though you may not have pictured independence from your kids until the early teen years, 8-year-olds could give you a run for your money. They are now at the age where they not only notice what’s going on around them, but they are also starting to understand it too. 

Institute Multiple Intelligence Teaching

Kids Bible CurriculumBetween the ages of 8 and 10, kids are starting to recognize their “status” in social development compared to their peers. Rather than allowing this recognition to shed light on their strengths or weaknesses, multiple intelligence teaching frees kids from pressure and allows them to see how they may be good at some things and not others.

Simply put, activities that touch on the various learning styles can help kids to feel included with their peers, encouraged when they know they are good at something, and supported when they can lean on teammates or friends if they aren’t good at something.

Doing trivia kickball, learning a worship song with motions, recalling old stories are all great activities to include in a Bible lesson.

Luckily, you have many resources that already have tons of activities already created for you. Bible Blast comes with lessons that are designed specifically for the age you are teaching. From questions to activities, to ways to approach the lesson – Bible Blast has it all ready for you.

Provide Space and Time for Self-Reflection

Going back to independent thinking – kids need to feel like they have space to think, learn, remember, practice, etc. At this age in their cognitive development, children are able to reflect and answer in-depth questions, remember stories, and relate them to a bigger idea, and they are encouraged when figuring something out on their own.

As you prepare a Bible lesson for your 8-year-olds, create time for them to work on something independently, then reward them with your sole attention so they can show you what they’ve learned. Not every lesson has to be quiet and independent, but showing them you are paying attention can help them be more confident and want to learn more.

Bible Blast curriculum comes with specialized questions for 8 year olds to dissect – perfectly designed for their intelligence level. By simply giving them time to reflect on past experiences and memories, they can and will answer these questions impressively.

Create Connective-Learning Strategies

Children at this age are connecting what they already know, with new information. Cause and effect are a constant in their learning process now and their memory recall is improved. This means that when you talk about Adam & Eve, they can connect how Adam & Eve disobeyed God and why that meant they had to experience consequences.

If children have grown up going to church, they know the stories: David and Goliath, Esther, Jonah and the Whale, etc. But now, you can create a space for them to think deeper, ask more inquisitive questions, connect bigger ideas and so on.

Bible Blast gives you the freedom to teach the lesson, incorporating the different activities, and asking the provided questions – but you also get to go on the journey with them. You have the privilege to see them process new thoughts on old stories.

Learn More About Bible Blast

Whether you’re looking for lessons to teach at home or in church – Bible Blast offers both! With a curriculum dedicated to the level of thinking each child has, the pressure is off and you get to see your kids learn.

If you are interested in learning more about Bible Blast and our products, explore our website or chat with us online. We’re excited to be joining you on this Bible Blast journey.

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