Best Bible Lessons for 9 Year Olds

Kids Bible Curriculum

Best Bible Lessons for 9 Year Olds

What Are the Best Bible Lessons for 9-Year-Olds?

At the age of 9 years old, a child is on the cusp of facing many different changes and challenges in the process of growing up. From entering the state of pre-adolescence to becoming more independent to having more personalized interests, and so much more – 9-year-olds are in a world of their own. When it comes to finding new ways to engage kids in Bible lessons, in a time when so much is changing for them, it can be hard.

So, what are the best Bible lessons for 9-year-olds? The best Bible lessons for 8-year-olds are lessons that incorporate independence and freedom to explore new things outside of the family unit. These are two big steps that kids who are 9 years old seek out – while still having a safe place to turn to. Creating a Bible lesson that fosters this exploration, while also encouraging and supporting kids isn’t always easy. However, with Bible Blast, you can engagingly teach valuable lessons.

Kids Bible CurriculumWhen teaching 9-year-olds, it is important to focus on incorporating teaching methods that include:

  • Independent Thinking and Personal Reflection
  • Creativity in Presenting New Ideas
  • Activities Outside the Comfort Zone

These lessons will provide an environment for children to learn where they feel comfortable forming their answers to questions. Luckily, Bible Blast can do all of this for you! Bible Blast curriculum is designed specifically for each age group and provides you with the lessons and activities to teach and engage with your 9-year-old.

Independent Thinking and Personal Reflection

The 9-year-old mind is a complicated and unsteady thing to deal with. While they long to find their place with friends, they still experience insecurities and need emotional reassurance from their parents. Finding a way to combat this conflict within a Bible lesson is complicated.

In each lesson, provide a time for every kid to think on their own. Whether you are asking them questions or having them fill out a worksheet – give them space to work through it on their own. Once they’ve had a period to personally reflect, open up the room for group work, but provide incentives and rewards.

A child may be confident in their answer or thought, but when presenting it to their peers it can be scary. By offering rewards, you help them feel heard and seen while giving each of the kids a chance to think in a new way.

Creativity in Presenting New Ideas

Best Sunday School CurriculumAt 9 years old, kids are just beginning to discover their interests and talents – and they want to show them off to their friends. Group kids with others who share the same interests, and with those who don’t. Allow them space to get creative in telling a story from their point of view.

Maybe you do arts and crafts or ask them to interpret one of the parables – you will be amazed at how each kid approaches the task differently. Fostering creativity in a fun environment with no grades or expectations can make it exciting.

The kids will want to show their skills, and they are free to be goofy when trying something new.

When kids grow up going to church, they begin to hear the same stories over and over again (hopefully learning something new every time). But, opening the floor to creative interpretations, you give them a chance to look at a story with a new perspective.

Activities Outside the Comfort Zone

Though 9-year-olds want to pursue new interests, stepping outside of their comfort zone is a really hard thing to do. As the teacher of the Bible lesson, you have the opportunity to push them to grow, even if they may not like it – they’ll still learn something new.

Bible Blast Sunday school curriculum contains activities, questions, games, and lessons that expand upon what kids are learning in school. When you use the curriculum, you have a starting block to work from that gives you a strong foundation – then you can build upon it. Only you know your kids and know-how and when to push them past where they’re comfortable, but Bible Blast is there to guide you.

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Kids Bible Curriculum

Whether you teach these Bible lessons at church or home, Bible Blast has you covered. The Bible Blast curriculum is dedicated to teaching at the level of education and thought that each age group has.

If you are interested in learning more about Bible Blast and its products, explore the website or chat with someone online. We’re excited to begin this Bible Blast journey with you.

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