4th and 5th Grade Bible Lessons

4th and 5th Grade Bible Lessons

4th and 5th Grade Bible Lessons

Kids Bible Program 4th and 5th grade is a pivotal developmental time for many children. Which means it’s the perfect time to help them have a firm foundation in God’s word. Bible Blast’s 4th and 5th grade Bible lessons help students learn important truths of God’s word in a fun and memorable format. How can Bible Blast help you teach the bible to 4th and 5th Grade students? Bible Blast’s 4th and 5th grade bible lessons make it easy to teach students the bible by putting the lessons in a fun and easy to customize format. Bible Blast is a powerful and easy to use bible curriculum that helps make learning about the Bible fun.  

If you’re ready to try Bible Blast, you can request a free sample here. The goal of Bible Blast is to not only help young students learn about God’s word but also to help them love God’s word. One thing that makes Bible Blast especially helpful is that it can be used in a wide variety of formats and teaching environments. It is also easy to adapt and modify to fit your needs, schedule and the specific learning style of your child.

Bible Blast can be used a home school bible curriculum, a VBS class, kids’ church course, or just for working with your child one-on-one. Bible Blast 4th and 5th-grade bible lessons are specifically designed for your student’s age group and learning needs. 4th and 5th grade can be a key time in the faith journey of a child. Every child develops differently but 4th and 5th grade is often a time when kids become more inquisitive about matters of faith. Bible education can have a tremendous impact on the life of a child and Bible Blast is designed to help you teach and disciple your child. The goal is not just introducing kids to the Bible, but most importantly, introducing kids to The Author.

Do You Remember 4th and 5th Grade?

Think back and try to remember 4th and 5th grade. Remember a time before you had a job, before you had a mortgage, and before you had BILLS! Ah, that’s nice, isn’t it? I bet if you dig back into your memories far enough you remember more about your childhood than just that it was a time before responsibilities and bills. I bet you remember wanting to belong and having a desire to be accepted.

I bet you remember times you were hurt and I bet you remember having lots of questions about the world. 4th and 5th grade can be a turbulent time in our development. Which is why it is so important that in these critical and turbulent years kids know that they are accepted and loved by God. They need to hear the truth of the gospel and know that God cares about their questions and their hurt. Bible Blast helps you create a place where kids can ask questions, know that they belong to God and know that they are loved.

Creating A Place Where Kids Can Thrive

4th and 5th Grade Bible lessons

Whether you teach at home, at church or in some other environment, Bible Blast’s 4th and 5th grade bible lessons are designed to help you create a place where kids can thrive. Bible Blast is an easy to use bible curriculum that you can customize and adapt to fit your needs and schedule.

The environment is the key to all living things. If you need an example of this just put one of your house plants in a cupboard, shut the door, and then check on it a week later to see how it’s doing. Plants can’t survive and grow without being in an environment that provides light, water, and soil to grow in. They need the right environment in order to thrive. Bible Blast’s 4th and 5th grade bible lessons are designed to help you create an environment that helps kids grow and thrive. Let’s look at some of the elements of this environment for growth.

A Place For Questions

Kids are FULL of questions. Questions often range from absurd and ridiculous to surprisingly profound and deep. As adults, unfortunately, we start to suppress our curiosity for fear of what others may think of us for asking a “stupid question”. Unfortunately, this often hinders us from growing and understanding the truth. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that Jesus said we must approach the kingdom of heaven “like a child”.

Childishness is discouraged in scripture but childlikeness is deemed mandatory to understanding the kingdom of heaven. Kids are often wonderful reminders that we must approach the kingdom of heaven like a child and bring ALL of our questions, even the questions we fear to say out loud. Bible Blast’s 4th and 5th grade bible lessons create a place where can ask questions about the Bible and about God. Our lessons help you encourage and answer those questions by pointing them to key lessons in God’s word.

A Place To Belong

We all want to belong, that is a fact of being human that doesn’t change whether you’re in the 5th grade or you’re 85 years old. Thankfully in the love of Christ there is a place that we all belong. God offers a family that we can all belong to.

A place to belong that does not care about how we perform, what we look like or whether or not we are one of the “cool kids”. Society always tries to put us all in groups and categories. God just has one category, My Kids. Bible Blast’s 4th and 5th grade bible lessons help kids know that they are loved by God and can belong to His family.

A Place To Know They Are Loved

Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so is not just a song. It’s a profound theology that every person at every age needs to hear. Bible Blast’s 4th and 5th grade bible lessons help drive this truth home to kids in a memorable way so that when they are older they will not depart from it. To know that God loves us is a foundational aspect of understanding the gospel and Bible Blast helps students be introduced and reminded of God’s great love to them.

Truth To Hide In Their Heart For Life

“Your word have I hidden in my heart, that I may not sin against you.” Psalms 119:11 We try to save money for our kids for college and someday when they start working we try to pass on good lessons of financial responsibility and teach them to save their money as well. We may even teach our kids about the power of compound interest and how it can work for you and give you a big advantage over time if you start saving and investing early.

How much greater though is the compounding benefit of storing up God’s word in our hearts and memorizing scripture at a young age. There is no greater treasure to save and there is no greater return we can receive than the lifetime benefit of storing up God’s word in our hearts at a young age. Bible Blast helps make the process of memorizing God’s word fun and easy for students. It’s not about them memorizing facts and figures about the Bible or just about storing information. It’s about the accumulative positive affect over the course of their entire lives.

Does Bible Blast also have lessons for other grades?

Yes! Bible Blast also has a curriculum called Bible Biz that is for grades 5-12! Every stage of the way in your child’s development Bible Bast is there to be a partner with you in helping your kids fall in love with God’s word and understand life-changing truth.

Could Bible Blast work as a home school bible curriculum?

Absolutely! Bible Blast’s 4th and 5th grade bible lessons can be used in a variety of formats including church Sunday school classes, VBS settings, family bible study and as a home school bible curriculum. Bible Blast is passionate about helping teachers of all shapes and sizes teach kids about the Bible.
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