What’s The Best Church Bible Curriculum for 4th Graders?

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What’s The Best Church Bible Curriculum for 4th Graders?

Best Fourth Grade Bible Curriculum

Fourth graders are learning to engage their community and are experimenting more socially with their peers. They thrive with their friends and are seeking more social engagement. They will spend more time with friends and will seek more social interaction with their peers as they reach this age. It is important to think about your fourth-grader’s social needs when planning a curriculum for them.

So, what is the best church Bible curriculum for 4th gradersBible Blast is the best church Bible curriculum for 4th graders. Bible Blast caters to fourth graders who tend to be self-conscious and are anxious a lot of the time wondering if they will measure up to expectations. Because of this, it is important to keep assessments more casual and put less pressure on testing and assessing.

Fourth graders are also at a peak of physical exertion and will push their bodies in new ways to be more physically active than ever before. It is important to provide breaks and opportunities for your fourth grader to move around and take breaks from the curriculum and let them get their energy out in healthy and productive ways.

Here are the top five things that you should be looking for while choosing a church Bible curriculum for your fourth grader.

Easy to Follow Plans

With a fourth grader taking up all your energy and time, it’s important to have a curriculum that is easy to follow and simple to plan for. If it can take less time for you to plan it, you’ll have more time to enjoy teaching the content and answering all the questions a fourth-grader inevitably asks.

Bible Blast does the work for you by providing easy-to-follow lesson plans that you can use as a family or in a church setting. With Bible Blast, our easy lesson plans will save you time and energy that you can focus on interacting with your fourth grader.

Picture Bible

Another great thing about using Bible Blast is its use of visual aids. Fourth graders learn visually and by interacting with content, so this will really help your student stay engaged with the content. Bible Blast uses a brilliant picture bible with illustrated scenes from scripture to help engage children in the stories from the Bible.

As children read about Adam and Eve they can look at pictures of the Tree of Good and Evil and as they read about Sampson they can see his long hair being cut off. The picture Bible makes history more than just words on a page and makes Bible more than just stories, but helps it really come to life.

Social Interaction 

Church Bible Curriculum for 4th GradersAs mentioned before, it’s really important for your fourth grader to have peers and other children to play with and learn with. Bible Blast has a curriculum that can be used at your local church. You can meet with other Christians each week after discussing the material in your home with your family. You will find this experience to be enriching and strengthening for your whole family plus the people you meet with. It is highly encouraged for you to meet with others as you engage in this spiritual journey.

You could invent some fun games that help the children engage with Bible stories through play or take breaks from the curriculum and let them run around outside for a bit. The possibilities are endless, and by banding with another family, you will have even more potential for fun and useful teaching moments.

I remember playing a game about Noah’s ark where all the children were secretly assigned a different animal and we had to find our partner by using the animal’s sound and you wanted to be the first one to find your partner so you could board the “ark” before the other children. It was a lot of fun and helped us dive deeper into the Bible story of the day.

Another fun, physical thing could be to act out the story that the children learned that day. You could use props and costumes and make it a really fun experience. Children love to be on their feet and stay physically active so the more you can incorporate that in your program, the happier and more engaged the children will be.

Rewarding Program

Parents who use this curriculum will find themselves learning alongside the whole family. The fun techniques for Scripture memory and be used by the whole family. Memory verses that are put to music or repeated often in a fun way will stick with you and your family for a lifetime.

By using the creative ideas presented in Bible Blast, you can engage your children with the Bible from an early age. You can have a lasting influence by making learning fun and rewarding, while also imprinting hearts and minds with the truths of the Bible.


Practice makes perfect. And children do well when they hear the same message in different ways that reinforce and illustrate it. Learning retention is improved through repetition and patiently reinforcing important ideas and lessons. It’s important to allow children to learn to engage with the Bible for themselves and ask lots of questions!

You will find it rewarding when your children recognize familiar stories from the Bible or begin telling them in their own words. This is how you’ll know that the truths have penetrated their hearts.

Bonus for Parents!

Bible Blast provides excellent learning tools for both children and parents. As you prepare and teach the curriculum, you learn alongside your children and are blessed as you participate with them on their spiritual journey.

Bible Blast has a curriculum for all ages and works well for both families and churches, for new teachers and experienced veterans. As you teach and learn together, we hope you will enjoy the exciting journey of understanding and applying the Bible to everyday life as they explore and experience Scripture with the whole family.

There are Bible Blast curriculums for all ages that can be easily used by you or your church regardless of your Bible background or experience in teaching.  

Are you interested in learning more about this type of Bible curriculum? Find our Bible Curriculum for fourth graders here.

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