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Preschool Bible Curriculum | Bible Blast

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  The number one objective of our preschool Bible curriculum is to help your children develop a thorough understanding of the Bible and to develop a strong and lasting relationship with God. There many benefits to teaching your children the Word of God with our preschool Bible Curriculum. Let’s examine a few…  


Long-term happiness.
Our preschool Bible curriculum will help your children fix their eyes on Jesus. We know that in this ever-changing world, God never changes and we can always trust in Him and find joy and fulfillment in Him.

Figure out life.
Your children will gain an understanding about creation, Who made the earth, and where things went wrong. Viewing the world in the context of biblical truth will help your children navigate everything that life throws at them with a biblical perspective.

Learn about Christ.
Teaching your children the Word of God is their best chance at accepting Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Kids tend to be far more receptive to God‘s Word than any other age group. That’s why it’s so important to teach them the Word of God from a young age, and our preschool Bible curriculum has been structured to help you do this.

It can help them avoid the pitfalls of sin.
We know that only God‘s grace is able to transform our hearts, but understanding that sin has consequences can help your children avoid making many mistakes. In addition, when children understand everything that Jesus went through for them on the cross, they will be far less likely to want to live a lifestyle of sin. Our preschool Bible curriculum will help them learn how to live the victorious lives God wants for us.

Counteract negative influence.
Children in this day and age are bombarded in every direction by negative and worldly influences. That’s why parents and Christian educators must intentionally counteract these influences by teaching children the Word of God. The positive influence of hearing the Word can help children have and maintain perspective and live godly lives. Our preschool Bible curriculum will lay a strong biblical foundation.

Learn about love.
We know in the Word of God that the second greatest commandment that we are given is that we must love our neighbor as ourselves. This is something contrary to our natural nature. Our children must be actively taught about love and caring for the needs of others. In our preschool Bible curriculum, your children will hear stories from the Bible about people that demonstrated great love even in the midst of adversity. They will also learn of the greatest example of love on earth. Jesus dying on the cross for us.

It’s fun!
So often, when people think about learning the Bible they think of it as a long, drawn out, boring process. We don’t want that to be the case as your children learn with our preschool Bible curriculum. We know that our God is the inventor of fun. Therefore, studying His Word should be an enjoyable experience.

Foster a desire to go to church.
Sadly, many children when they grow up and leave their families don’t attend a local church. By teaching your children the word of God and showing them that Christianity is more than religion, it’s a relationship; your children will develop a desire to stay connected to the body of Christ, and continue to learn more about the Word of God. The things they learn in preschool Bible curriculum will stay with them their whole lives.

Handle difficult situations.
Even children go through incredibly difficult and traumatic situations. We never know exactly what a child might be going through, but we do know that the Word of God is alive and powerful. As we teach children the Word, they become equipped to deal with the hard situations that they face. They’ll be able to overcome emotional and physical trauma as the Word of God takes root in their hearts, strengthening and encouraging them.

Parents and Christian educators will benefit. 
We know in the Word that God tells us that we must come to Him like little children. As you teach your children the Word of God with our preschool Bible curriculum, you’ll get to see firsthand their child-like faith in action. As you fellowship with the children that you’re educating and teach them more about the Bible and their Creator, you’ll find that you yourself are greatly strengthened and encouraged by being around a group of new young believers.

In addition, we believe that you positioning yourself in a place to serve and educate children, will open the door for you to use to God-given gifts and abilities that He’s placed within you. You’ll get to fulfill your personal calling while at the same time helping children discover their callings. As you train children with our preschool Bible curriculum, you’re training up the next generation of world-changing leaders. You’re helping spur them on in the great plan that God has for their lives. Every child matters, and you may not yet fully realize the impact that you’re having on the world by taking the time to invest in the biblical educations of children.   Preschool Bible Curriculum
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