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Are you a Sunday school teacher at a church? Do you homeschool your kids and want a good Christian kids bible program? Are you searching for a curriculum to help kids learn about God and His word? This is Great! Finding the perfect kids bible program solely depends on the teacher, the student, and how the student learns.

When it comes to considering different kids bible programs, its important to research the teaching methods used within the curriculum. The reason this is important is because every child learns differently. If you really want to be effective in your teaching, you need to gear your curriculum to cater to the children’s specific favored learning method.

In order to know what kids bible program to invest in, it is imperative to know the different learning methods. Here is a list to help you:    homeschool curriculum


If you are a visual learner, that means you learn best by studying things you can see: pictures, images, movies, and diagrams. If you are working with really young kids, this will be the preferred kids bible program method.

Young kids are getting to experience the world from a different perspective than older people. They are learning to put colors with a name; they are learning to describe with words the things they see around them. Visual aids will captivate a young audience, like using a picture book during story time.


Do you ever ask yourself why you can remember nursery rhymes that you learned when you were 5 years old? Its because many people can learn aurally. Aural learning is when you learn by sound and music.

If you want your kids bible program to cater to this learning method, your curriculum would include a lot of songs and rhymes. It would include phrases that can be said to help remember subjects.


A logical learner loves to dive into things. They will appreciate an in-depth explanation of “why.” For this learner, your kids bible program will have to be willing to dive into the nitty gritty of the curriculum; it will have to contain the answers to probing questions.

Logical learners love to understand entire concepts. In order for them to truly believe in something, they will have to come to the conclusion themselves by thinking it through.

Social / Solitary

Do you like having a study buddy who can help you memorize answers, pushing each other as you go? Or would you rather go into your room and work at your own pace? Is your kids bible program geared towards engaging with more than one person or is it geared towards a one-member audience? This is something to keep in mind while lookg fora curriculum.


Did you ever get the chance to dissect a from in science class? This activity is a perfect example of physical learning; learning by physically putting your hand to something. When a teenager gets behind the wheel of a car for the first time, they are physically learning how to do drive. This relates to sports, cooking, and a whole aray of other activities.

If your kid is a physical learner, you want to be sure to watch out curriculums geared towards this learning method. Not only are physical activities sometimes the best way to teach something, but they are also fun!

There are many different kids bible programs out there; it is important to research, study, and also be led by God when choosing the curriculum. Study your children to see how they learn best; ask them how they would like to learn a subject.