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Kid’s Bible Program | Bible Blast

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  Bible Blast is a kid’s Bible program aimed towards developing a new generation of world changers. Our specialized program will quickly help your children gain a greater understanding of spiritual principles, the key messages and stories of the Bible, and the importance of a relationship with Jesus. We believe that ministering to children is the way to change the world of tomorrow. By helping them grasp the things of God now, the sky’s the limit for what’s possible! Here are a few reasons to consider getting started with our kid’s Bible program: Bible Program for Kids

Ministering to Children is Important

Throughout the Bible, we see how invested God is in the lives of children. Jesus was always willing to stop and minister to children even when multitudes were all around them. Children are a priority to God.
We see in the Bible that investing in the lives of children is something that God wants us to do regularly.

Our kid’s Bible program is a guide that will help you more effectively minister to children. Without a strategic method of going through the Bible, it is easy to miss important stories and principles. Our kid’s Bible program is formatted in such a way that you will hit all of the core principles of the Bible.

Being strategic in your approach helps you ensure that you are properly fulfilling the mandate of training children in the Word of God. Our goal with our kid’s Bible program is to bring you an invaluable resource that you will be able to use for generations to come. Our memorable and fun lessons will fill your children’s hearts with the Word of God. They will learn to love the things that they learn, and they will remember them for years to come.

Equip Your Children for Success

Our kid’s Bible program is all about equipping your children to live out successful lives in every area by teaching them who they are in Christ, and by helping them better understand the spiritual principles at work in the world. By being thoroughly educated in these areas, we believe that they will be able to go out and engage the world successfully whether they are at work, home, or play.

Our kid’s Bible program can be a key component in your children’s spiritual upbringing. Our kid’s Bible program will help your children take their eyes off of just the natural world, and begin thinking about the eternal things of God. We know that the way that you perceive the world is directly correlated with how you engage with the world. Establishing a steady focus on God while your children are young will carry over in their lives as they grow up, move out, and start families of their own.

We want you and your children to have all of the tools in your belt that could help you run your race with endurance. Our kid’s Bible program can be the start of a lasting legacy of faithfulness for your children. The truths that they take a hold of now will shape the direction of the rest of your lives!

Engage in Valuable Discussion

In today’s society, many of the issues that need to be discussed most are completely avoided. Our kid’s Bible program unashamedly teaches the Word of God. In a world of deteriorating moral principles, we hold fast to the framework laid out for us by God.

With pressure all around to conform to the ways of the world, our kid’s Bible program is a safe touchstone that your children can return to, to gain a clear insight about what is right and wrong before God. We will help your children engage the world with the love of God while still maintaining their spiritual integrity.

As you go through our kid’s Bible program, natural opportunities will arise for you to start a conversation with your children about the important areas that need to be discussed. We believe that if children are not taught by the body of Christ about the modern issues facing society, they will be taught instead by the world.

It is our responsibility to help children gain a biblical understanding of the world, and help them learn to maintain their faith. Our kid’s Bible program will be a firm foundation that your children can use to formulate a biblical worldview.

Foster Leadership

Our kid’s Bible program will help prepare the leaders of tomorrow. As your children learn stories throughout the Bible of brave men and women of faith that held to their beliefs even while facing incredibly difficult situations, they will be inspired and encouraged to live out the amazing lives that God wants for them.

We believe that the only way that we can fully enter into the great things that God has for us is by trusting Him beyond the measure of our capabilities alone. Our kid’s Bible program will help your children lean in and trust God throughout their lives, and by doing so, they will be able to do far more than they could on their own.

Our kid’s Bible program will foster a boldness to take action and reliance upon God. Our kid’s Bible program will show to your children that truly nothing is impossible for us when we place our faith and trust in God. We know that God never leaves us or forsakes us and that when we stay connected to Him, we have a never-ending source from which to draw upon.

Our kid’s Bible program will help guide your children into all of the great things in store for them with God!
Thanks for learning more about our kid’s Bible program. We hope you’ve gained some fresh inspiration for teaching your children about God. We can’t wait for you to experience all of the valuable resources in our kid’s Bible program.

We know that investing in the lives of children yields an incredible return. Please don’t hesitate to send us your questions!
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