Homeschool Kid Curriculum | Bible Blast

Homeschool Kid Curriculum | Bible Blast

Homeschool Kid Curriculum | Bible Blast – Want to learn more? Start here.

Looking for a homeschool kid curriculum? You’re in the right place. Bible Blast is a Bible study course that will take your child through an entire book of the Bible verse by verse. Devotionals and personal Bible study time will help your child develop their own healthy habits for Christian living. Kids will learn how they can study the Bible on their own.  

Teaching your children about the Bible from a young age can help them thrive in every area of their lives. Our desire with this curriculum is to help your children come to know Jesus in a deeper way, rather than just learn about Him. We’re devoted to helping you lay a Biblical foundation in your child’s life that will help them for years to come.  Here are some of the reasons you should consider using Bible Blast as your homeschool kid curriculum:

Versatility | Homeschool Kid Curriculum

A great benefit of our homeschool kid curriculum is that it can be used in a number of ways. It can be used for individual families, or for an entire church congregation! Whether you’re wanting to teach a small group of only a couple of kids, or you’re wanting to teach a large Sunday school class, our homeschool kid curriculum is for you. Our curriculum can easily be divided into different lessons, making it easier for you to review the material, ensuring your children are learning and retaining what they’re learning.

Fun | Nothing Boring Here!

In addition to teaching your children the Bible, we also make sure that they’re having a fun time while they’re learning. Our homeschool kid curriculum is great for children that enjoy a hands-on approach while learning the Bible. We have all kinds of interactive activities and games to make sure that your children stay fully engaged as they learn. The Bible is anything but boring!

And we want your children to know that.  With our approach, they’ll get to see and experience first hand all of the wonderful things that God has for His children in His Word. Your children will get to learn about heroes of the faith, and then learn how what they’re learning applies to their lives today. By teaching your child that the Bible is full of excitement and applicable truth, we believe they’ll want to delve deeper into the Word all on their own. This is our ultimate desire.

Helping kids make their faith their own and live out the incredible adventure that God has planned for them. When we equip kids with the Word of God and the knowledge of how to study and learn from it, we believe that the sky is the limit! Our homeschool kid curriculum wants to help take off the limits of what your kids believe is possible for their lives. We know that with God, absolutely nothing is impossible!

Designed for Ages 4 – 5th Grade

This homeschool kid curriculum is specifically designed for ages 4 through 5th grade. We understand the unique opportunity for Biblical education in this important time of growth and development. We’ve carefully constructed our material to be age-appropriate.


When learning, we know that pacing is important. That’s why we developed our homeschool kid curriculum to keep your child thoroughly engaged as they’re learning. Each lesson will present your children something fresh and interesting.

They’ll learn about the lives, hardships, and breakthroughs of various characters from the Bible. They’ll get to ask questions about the Bible and learn more at a pace that works for them. We know that no two children are the same. We’ve made our homeschool kid curriculum diverse in it’s approach to helping your children have revelation as they learn about the Bible. In addition to instructor-led teaching/listening times, there will be breaks for various fun activities and games that will help your child re-focus during lesson time.

Rewards-Based System

The rewards-based system used in our homeschool kid curriculum will encourage kids to be active participants during learning, adding extra incentive to diligently apply themselves to each and every lesson. They’ll be able to experience first hand the rewards and benefits of hard work. Rewards help your children set and achieve goals as they’re learning, while also adding a fun spirit of competition to the lessons. Your kids will get to experience the fun of winning cool prizes and candy!

Bible Story Reading | Scripture Memory

As your children go through our homeschool kid curriculum, our aim is to not only teach them about the Bible but also to transport them there with visual and interactive stories and experiences. They’ll be inspired as they get to experience the Word of God as never before. In addition to stories, we’ve also included scripture memorization. We all know how easy it can be to hear something and then instantly forget it. With our fun memorization techniques, your children will be able to recall scripture verses for years to come.

Parent Driven Bible Curriculum

We believe that Christian education from a young age is of vital importance because you’re helping prepare your child for whatever life throws their way. In the Word we’re told, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it,” Proverbs 22:6. We believe that this is a promise that we can hold to in faith.

That as we diligently instruct children in the truth, that truth will stay rooted in their hearts. As a parent, you play an important role in your child’s Biblical education. At times, this responsibility might seem daunting and overwhelming. Our homeschool kid curriculum is crafted in such a way that it will help invigorate your own faith, as well as give you the perfect framework for guiding your children into a deep and personal relationship with God.

The parent/teacher manual has everything you could possibly want or need as you’re teaching. There are scripture references, stories,  questions and discussion topics. Our homeschool kid curriculum will help guide you as you guide your child in God’s word.      

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