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Family Bible Program | Bible Blast

Family Bible Program | Bible Blast

Are you looking for a way to engage your family with the Word of God? How can you include all family member, young and old, in biblical discussions? These are questions to ask while you look for a family bible program.

Bible Blast supplies a family bible program for everyone to enjoy, kids and adults alike.  Sometimes, there may feel like a disconnect between your young child and an understanding of God and His Word. You may ask yourself how you can get your child to interact with the family bible program. Here is a list of things you can do to encourage your children to think about God:

What Does Your Child Understand?

Pick a family bible plan that doesn’t exclude your children’s thoughts, ideas, and inputs. In this day and age, young kids are easily overlooked when it comes to understanding God, but we forget that Jesus tells us to be like little children.

There is something little children understand about the Word of God that some adults can miss. Don’t expect your child to not understand the family bible program; rather, ask them about a topic and ask them to explain their thoughts about it. Sometimes children can put things much more simply than adults can. Listen to the child and see what you can learn from them.

Remind Your Children of What the Word Says

Children are easily altered by their flesh; they have yet to master how to control and conquer themselves. It is easy for children to get wrapped up in their situations; They can get upset about little things. Quickly remind them about what they learned in the family bible program.

Remind them of the family bible program and that they shouldn’t go off of what they feel, but instead off of what the Word of God says. Look for little reminders throughout your day to bring up God with your children. Whether it’s the blue sky, blessing meals, or being nice to each other, the teachings of God spread over every aspect of our lives.

God Games!

Children love games! It is a great way to entertain your child and at the same time teach them. You should pick a family bible program that includes games and activities for your kids to be involved in. Another reason games are great is because if they are multiplayer, they encourage your children to consider one another, as instructed in the Bible. 

It can be hard playing with your siblings when you are young. Siblings are easily made jealous. This is a great time to teach your children to rejoice with those who rejoice; also known as being a good sport. One of the reasons you should invest in a family bible program is to unite your family under the Word of God. It also gives you as a parent the opportunity to train up your children in the way they should go. If you are looking for an educational family bible program, contact Bible Blast today!
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