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Family Bible Curriculum | Bible Blast

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Our family Bible curriculum is a resource we are so excited to share with YOUR family! All of our materials have been carefully put together to ensure that you and your family have an unforgettable experience as you journey through the Bible together.

Who is Bible Blast for?
In one word, families! Large or small, our family Bible curriculum will help launch your family into the incredible teaching of God’s Word. Families of all sizes have something to gain from our family Bible curriculum. Our family Bible curriculum is great for single moms and dads!

Parent Driven Approach

Christian education at a young and formative age is of vital importance, and we know that you want to have a say in how your child is taught. We’ve made our family bible curriculum with a parent-driven approach in mind. Helping you be an active participant every step of the way as your child is learning. The role of teaching your child to love and pursue God’s Word can sometimes feel intimidating. We have made sure to include all of the resources you need to successfully spur your child on in the miraculous things that God has in store for them. If you ever feel like you don’t know what to say next, we have included scripture references, stories, and interesting discussion topics to ensure that there is never a dull moment.

Objective | How can Bible Blast Help You?

Our objective is to provide all of the tools that can help parents fulfill the mandate of scripture to impress the Word of God in the hearts of their children. We aim to have a lasting impact on your children. Helping them follow God not only as children but also for all the years to come. We know that the foundation that is laid in our family Bible curriculum will help and encourage your children throughout their entire lives.

Our Teaching Structure

Our teaching structure takes into account the unique challenges that can arise when teaching younger children. We strive to cultivate a sense of curiosity and wonder as they learn about the things of God. We do this by keeping things fresh and interesting and segmenting the learning process with various methods that will help your children retain more and want to stay engaged. If it ever seems that your children are losing interest or are ready for something new, we’ve supplied to the tools to help refocus them on the task at hand and to present the material in a new and interesting light.

Instill God’s Word | Lasting Impact

When learning any subject, not just the Bible, it can be easy to quickly forget the things that you’ve been studying. Because of this, we’ve put a lot effort into making our family Bible curriculum a resource that will leave a lasting and memorable impact on your child. One of the ways that we do this is by encouraging and rewarding scripture memorization. We also emphasize visual learning, because people are far more likely to remember something if they can connect it with an image. The incentivized memorization, compelling visuals, and unique stories and analogies will make sure that your children will have an unforgettable experience as they learn about God’s Word.

Personal Testimonies | Share from Your Heart

One of the great things about our family bible curriculum is that it not only supplies you with tons of great resources to draw upon as you are teaching, but it also opens up the opportunity for you share personally from your heart. You can insert your own stories and experiences to help your children see how truly applicable the Word of God can be in their own lives. You will be able to dig deep and examine your own walk with the Lord as you grow together with your children. All of you drawing closer to your heavenly Father together. We encourage parents to share with their children how God has impacted their lives. We find that the more parents open up and share from the heart with their children, the better the children respond, and the more willing they are to respond the same way.

Focus on Character

All throughout the Word of God we see the importance of strong godly character. We highlight this in our family Bible curriculum as we guide you and your children through the thought-provoking and compelling stories in the Word of God. Your children will get to hear some of the most incredible stories ever told for the first time as you share with them from our family bible curriculum.

Relaxing | Enjoyable Learning

As we’ve mentioned, studies have shown that visuals are far easier to remember than words. We have made our family bible curriculum in such a way that your children will be able to relax and enjoy the pictures as you read the Bible story to them. We find that this helps children pay attention for far greater periods of time. The Bible is definitely not boring, so we wanted to make absolutely sure we don’t convey it that way to your children.

Your children will love the fun activities, the rewards and prizes, and the discussion topics that will give them a chance to discuss and process the thing that they’re learning. As they share what they’ve learned, you’ll be able to adjust and re-adjust, zeroing in on the areas that they enjoy learning about, or perhaps the areas that they could use further teaching and explanation. All in all, learning with our family Bible curriculum never feels boring and stale. Your children will be excited as you sit down for each and every lesson.

Start the Journey | Invest in the Future

We hope this information has been useful in helping you decide if our family Bible curriculum is right for you and your family. We know that should you choose to invest in this resource, both you and your children will reap the benefits for years to come!  

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