Children’s Church Curriculum Updated for 2021-2022 | Bible Blast

Children’s Church Curriculum Updated for 2021-2022 | Bible Blast

Children’s Church Curriculum | Bible Blast – Questions? Contact us here

Is your church looking for a fun and engaging Children’s church curriculum to help kids learn and grow spiritually? Then Bible Blast is for you. Our children’s church curriculum has been specially crafted to help kids take a hold of the things of God. Here are some of the reasons that your church should consider Bible Blast for your children’s church curriculum:

Groups of all sizes.
When you’re looking for a great children’s church curriculum, you’ll want to find one that works for groups of all sizes. Things such as holidays and weather can cause children’s church attendance to fluctuate unexpectedly.

Being prepared with a great children’s church curriculum will help you be prepared. Our Bible lessons are prepared in such a way that they are able to accommodate both large and small classroom sizes. You’ll be able to adjust the pace of the teaching for any type of classroom that you’re teaching.

By being prepared for any size classroom, you’ll be able to make the most of the limited amount of time that you have to help children grow and cultivate their relationship with God. If this sounds look a good fit for your church, we invite you to try a free sample of our children’s church curriculum.

Lessons are brief and fun!

So often, the church gets a bad rap with children for being tedious and boring. Our children’s church curriculum is anything but boring! Your classroom will be on the edge of their seats as you share with them professionally crafted Bible lessons that will call on them to engage,  inspire their imaginations, and leave them wanting to come back to learn more.

We know that the Bible is exciting, and we believe that we as Christian educators should do our best to convey that excitement to children as we instruct them in the things of God. Our lessons have fun activities that will help further engrain God’s word into children’s hearts. For years to come, they will be able to remember the incredible things that they learning in our children’s church curriculum.

Room to adjust.

While being locked down to a strict lesson structure can bring security and peace of mind for instructors, we also believe that it’s important to leave room for you to share things from your own life that apply to the lessons.

By sharing and relating the material to modern-day situations, children will be able to see that the Word of God is powerful and still applicable today. They will be inspired to start applying the Word of God in their own lives. We designed our curriculum to be flexible to your life, schedule and teaching style. Our children’s church curriculum is perfect for those that want structure, but also the ability to add in helpful tidbits of their own. 

Inspire kids to dream big.

When it comes to incredible stories, the Bible is absolutely full of them. Your Sunday school class will learn about numerous characters and situations in the Bible that will encourage them to trust and believe in God in their own lives.

As they learn about Noah, Jonah, King David, Jesus, and numerous others, they will want to continue to learn more about God and the Bible. Our children’s church curriculum is great for helping kids realize that nothing is impossible when they place their trust in God! The goal is not just knowledge of God’s word but for your child to put their trust in God and become a lover of truth. 

Cultivate relationship, not religion.

Modern Christianity can at times appear less than desirable. A recurring theme throughout the ages has been that of man taking the things of God, overcomplicating them, and adding in a bunch of rules, regulations, and rituals, thus completely distorting the original image of what God intended.

Religion drives people away from God and causes separation, while relationship brings intimacy and closeness with God. In our children’s’ church curriculum, your children will be able to take hold of the simple Gospel. The simple truths that when taken hold of and believed with a childlike faith have the power to change the world around us.

Empower for success.

Our children’s church curriculum is all about empowerment. Empowering your children to live as the sons and daughters of God that they are. Our children’s church curriculum will help them gain a clear understanding of who they are in Christ, and what their lives can now be like living in a relationship with Him.

Our goal is to help your classroom live up to their greatest potential by helping them come to the clear understanding that their lives as believers can be completely different from their lives before they came to know God. We know that God has so much good for His children. We want to help you as you take on the great responsibility of guiding God’s sons and daughters into a closer relationship with Him.

Discover purpose.

There is a divine call on everyone’s lives. From the moment you were born, God had a plan for you. He has places that He wants you to go, things He wants you to say, and lives He wants you to impact. A large part of cooperating with God’s plan for our lives comes from the quality and consistency of our relationship with Him.

The way that we can draw closer to God is by cultivating a hunger for His Word, and constantly feeding upon it. As we do so, we will step into the calling that God has for us. We will clearly know His voice because we’ve done our part and taken the necessary time to read the Bible and develop our relationships with Him.

Our children’s church curriculum will help set a positive tone for children’s lives. It will help them discover who they are and the incredible call that God has on their lives. It will help them become disciples of Jesus. 
  When we, as Christian educators, do our job correctly, we are setting up the generation that we’ve been charged with for success. Our roles, while they might not seem very significant to some, have the ability to impact lives for years to come. We hope that you’ll consider using our children’s church curriculum for your church! If you’d like a free sample, you can find it here.

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