Best Bible Lessons for 6 Year Olds

Best Bible Lessons for Kids

Best Bible Lessons for 6 Year Olds

Teaching Bible Lessons to 6-Year-Olds

Diving into the word of God with your kids is one of the most special opportunities in life. At the same time, it can be overwhelming when trying to find the best curriculum to use. Your six-year-old is active, learning how to read, understanding more complex questions, and still has a short attention span. To help them establish a strong foundation in Christ, you’re looking for a curriculum that allows them to grow. 

So, what are the best Bible lessons for 6-year-olds? Bible Blast curriculum was created specifically for different age groups, designed especially for their knowledge-base and abilities. Whether you are looking to use it at home or for your church, Bible Blast has what you’re looking for. 

Keeping six-year-olds engaged can be a challenge. By using a curriculum that is high-energy, incentive-driven, playful, and fun, you will notice how much your child loves to learn, and how much they are retaining from the lessons! 

Include an Active Component

Children love to play – they make up games for just about anything they can imagine. By including a game and/or a time to move in the Bible lesson, the kids will be engaged and have a better memory of what they learned that day.

Connecting a Bible lesson to a game is easier than you might think. In fact, there is a website where you can go and find multiple options that are used in churches all over the place!

It can be as easy as adding a trivia or memorization portion in the middle of Bingo or learning the motions to a song about the Fruit of the Spirit.

No matter what you do, allow the kids to get their energy out. When you have a quiet moment or storytime, they will be more likely to sit still and listen.

Establish a Rewards-Based Program

Everyone loves knowing that their hard work is being recognized, and kids are no different. Many churches use a “Bible Bucks” system to incentivize kids to learn Bible verses and stories.

The idea is that every time a child memorizes a verse or completes a worksheet, they get a “Bible Buck.” At the end of the month, the “store” will open and the kids get to pick something out that they pay for with their bucks.

This process not only encourages kids to remember their lessons, but it also teaches them the value of money and saving, as well as responsibility. It can foster a sense of healthy competition between friends, and it just feels good to know that you earned something.

Repetition is Good – But Keep it Fun! 

I still remember the motions to worship songs I learned as a kid at Vacation Bible School. It was a form of muscle memory and repetition – something I may not have understood at the time but remember well today. When working with your kids on Bible lessons, they may not always fully grasp some of the concepts, but they are still learning and receiving the information. 

Songs with motions, working on one verse or story for a few weeks, breaking it down into pieces, and going over it again – recalling their memory. When teaching a lesson, write down key phrases for the kids to repeat back to you, it will keep them engaged and listening.

Bible Blast: Engaging, Fun, and Age-Appropriate

After talking about all the things that keep six-year-olds engaged when teaching scripture, you may be wondering “how am I supposed to combine all of these components?” The good news – you don’t have to! Bible Blast has ready-made lessons for you to use that are made especially for six-year-olds!

Bible Blast curriculum was created for parents to purchase and use at home, or for churches to purchase and use with a group. It was designed to follow the school calendar – which helps to reinforce and practices what kids are learning at school at the same time.

Included With Bible Blast

When you purchase Bible Blast you get more than what you’re paying for. You get the ease of mind that comes when you teach a lesson – your kids/students will be engaged, have fun, and build a strong Christian foundation.

In each package, you will receive a director’s manual that details the lessons, answers any questions you or the parents may have, pictures on how to set up rooms, ideas for prizes, outlines for each meeting, and much, much more. You will have access to great customer service via the Bible Blast team of experts.

If you need more than this – you can go online and purchase extra products (t-shirts, downloadable songs, etc.) Everything is reasonably priced and perfect for your six-year-old.

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