5 Ways To Find The Right Kid’s Bible

5 Ways To Find The Right Kid’s Bible

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5 Ways to Find the Right Kid’s Bible

Looking for the right Kid’s Bible to help teach your child God’s word? Learn 5 ways to find the right kid’s Bible and discover an amazing Kid’s Bible option from Bible Blast. Choosing the right kid’s bible is critical to helping your child understand and love scripture for the first time.

We are going to look at 5 ways to find the right kid’s Bible. You could just grab your old King James bible off the shelf, throw it down, and tell them to start in Leviticus, but that would probably leave them frustrated. It’s important to find a bible that fits the age of your child so that they are not overwhelmed or under-challenged.

You want to find a bible that helps your child understand the big ideas and big stories of scripture in a way that’s perfect for where they are at right now. Maria Brannen, who works with Kids Groups and Faith Development of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board says that “Merely expecting or hoping your child becomes a Bible-reader isn’t a good approach. Every family needs a plan and the right tools to help make reading the scripture a family habit.” Equipping families to make reading scripture a family habit is what we are all about at Bible Blast. A great kid’s bible can be one of those right tools that help your child’s spiritual formation.

What is one of the biggest factors that help kids grow up to be spiritually healthy, active and engaged with church later in life?

According to a survey by LifeWay Research, the answer to that question is reading scripture as a child. The LifeWay survey showed that the strongest correlation between children growing up to be spiritually active and healthy was reading Scripture. In their survey of over 2,000 families, twenty-nine percent of the young adults, according to the parents’ responses, read their Bible regularly while growing up. That section tested out 12.5 percent higher on the study’s spiritual health score, according to LifeWay.

Early reading of scripture ended up being more of a determining factor in a child’s faith journey than even many other good things, like church attendance, vacation bible school, and participation in missions trips and special projects. There seems to be a tremendously positive compounding effect on kids reading the Bible when they are young. It’s perhaps the greatest investment you can make in your child’s spiritual development and like all good investment strategies, the most important thing is starting early.

Five Ways To Find The Right Kid’s Bible

Look for each of the 5 elements, or 5 ways to find the right kid’s Bible for your child or student that will help them begin a lifelong journey of loving to read scripture. Think of these 5 elements as things that you should be looking for when considering a bible for your child.

We will look at each of these elements briefly so that you can feel confident about finding the right kids bible for your child. We will also highlight how the Bible Blast Picture Bible is an amazing Kid’s Bible option for young kids and when you tie it together with the rest of the Bible Blast curriculum you have a powerful tool at your disposal to help kids begin to read the Bible for themselves.

Age Appropriate

This one should be pretty obvious but it’s still worth mentioning. We are not concerned at this point about whether or not you should choose a thought for thought bible translation or a more literal word for word translation. In early development, kids need to begin to hear the big stories of scripture in a way that fits where they are at in their development now.

Every child is different, especially when it comes to reading skills and learning styles so it’s hard to say at what age you should use picture bibles and when you should switch to challenging them to read more text. You know your child, when looking at a kid’s bible compare it to other books you have read to them or that they have read themselves. See if the kid’s bible you are considering is a good fit for their age.

Engaging Visuals

Pictures tell a story and imprint on our minds in powerful ways. A good kid’s bible doesn’t just use pictures to fill space but as a powerful tool alongside the text to help kids understand the story better. Pictures stick in our memory without even making a conscious effort to remember them. I’m fortunate to own a few picture bibles from my childhood that now my kids read, when I flip through the pages every image triggers a memory.

The Big Story of the Bible Presented Clearly

It’s important for kids to learn the stories of the Bible. Every kid should learn about Daniel and the Lion’s Den, David and Goliath, and God parting the Red Sea. However, the goal is not just for your child to know a few bible stories.

The goal is to help them understand the Big Story of the Bible. The story of God redeeming and saving us through Jesus. The story of God’s redemption is an ever-present connecting string from Genesis to Revelation. A good kid’s bible helps kids learn the famous bible stories but also helps connect them all together into the Big Story of redemption through Jesus.

Clear and simple language

“Hello sire, could thou passeth the potatoes to me if it be thine pleasure.” That’s probably not how you talk at the dinner table and there is no reason that your kid’s Bible sound like its written in another language either. Be sure to choose a kid’s Bible that uses clear, simple and age-appropriate language that your child can readily understand and communicate.

Additional Support Resources

Finding the right Kid’s Bible for your child is an incredibly important tool to help your child’s spiritual formation. When you find a kid’s bible that works well together with additional resources and tools you can have an incredible impact on helping your child read, love and understand scripture.

Most kid’s Bibles are stand-alone picture bibles. This is one of the things that makes the Bible Blast Kid’s Picture Bible and the Bible Blast curriculum such a powerful 1-2 punch against biblical illiteracy.  The Picture Bible and the Bible Blast curriculum work together giving you additional resources and tools to help your child read scripture.

Bible Blast’s Kid’s Picture Bible

As we just mentioned, the Bible Blast Kid’s Picture Bible is a great resource because of how it works together with the Bible Blast curriculum but it also has the other elements that we have discussed as well.

It is age-appropriate for younger children, specifically designed for younger age groups. It has wonderful engaging visual illustrations. It uses clear and simple language that kids can easily understand and communicate. The Picture Bible is divided into 24 sections and it tells the Big Story of the Bible, the redemption of Jesus, from Genesis to the Apostle Paul. We have already mentioned how it works together with the rest of the Bible Blast Curriculum. The Picture Bible can be purchased separately or as part of a Bible Blast package with the rest of the curriculum.

The Picture Bible is a great kid’s bible for your child at home or for Sunday school groups and homeschool curriculums. It has all 5 of the key elements that make up a great kid’s bible and it makes a great choice for parents that want to help their kids foster the habit of reading the Bible.

If you are a parent than you are the person who will shape what they think of the Bible more than anyone else. Help show them how valuable and important you think it is for them to read the Bible by getting them the right kid’s Bible for their age. I hope you have enjoyed the 5 ways to find the right kid’s Bible that we have gone over in this post and that you feel encouraged to help your child read God’s word. At Bible Blast we hope that this simple step could start them on a lifelong journey of hiding God’s word in their heart so that even when they are old they will not depart from it.

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