Blast #22 – Is That The Truth?!

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Blast #22 – Is That The Truth?!

Is That The Truth?! 

  Hey Kids! “Jeff, do you remember just two weeks ago when you begged to go skating on a school night and I asked if you were keeping up your grades? You said you were getting straight A’s, but your report card says all D’s! How could this kind of grade change happen in just two weeks? It must be a mistake. Can you explain this to me?” “Well, Dad, to tell you the truth I was uh, well, uh, just pretending… Yeah, I was acting like I was getting all A’s. You know what you always say Dad, ‘If you begin acting like a gentleman, you’ll become one.’ So, I was pretending to be an all A student so my teachers would see that I deserve all A’s.”  “WHAT! THAT IS NOT JUST PRETENDING. That’s what God calls lying. You lied to me once and you’re lying to me again now! YOU’RE GROUNDED TILL YOU’RE 30!”

This Week’s Reading

This is exactly what happens in our picture Bible this week. Two people pretend to be something they’re not and before you know it, they fall on the floor as dead as a doornail!  That’s some serious punishment, but it’s important that we understand how much God doesn’t want us to lie. I wonder if Jeff’s dad was telling the truth when he said Jeff was grounded until he’s 30 years old?!   GO-GO-GO!!!
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