Keep Going Parents! | How Are We To Behave If We’re Not Taught? 

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Keep Going Parents! | How Are We To Behave If We’re Not Taught? 

Inspiration For November Blastin’ Blasters

You’ve made it to November! That’s something to be thankful for. Great job, parents!  King David’s kids and his kid’s, kids are most of the characters in the November month of Bible Blast. All in all, it was NOT smooth sailing for King David and most of his children. Why did God keep his covenant with the members of this half-hearted family? We KNOW why – God is loving and ever faithful. When they asked, God would forgive them.

For example, King David did some mighty things against God’s teaching. In the end, he knew better and asked for a clean heart. He was taught the character of God. Someone had to have taught him! How else would he have known how to behave? David passed what he learned about God along to his kids. At his deathbed, he told Solomon three keys to life – be strong and brave, obey God’s commandments, and walk with God in all your ways. Which leads us as parents to ask the question – How are our children going to know how to behave if they never learn the stories and the meanings of the stories in the Bible?

Our Job Is To Teach!

At some point, your children will no longer think “what kind of trouble am I going to get into with my parents if I behave badly?” They will be on their own and will hopefully be solid in the belief that God does see everything and good or bad consequences follow.

As parents and teachers, you have the opportunity to educate the children in your life so that they’ll be ready later on! Make sure you close your reading each night with the statement – can’t wait till Jesus gets here in our Picture Bible. He puts everything right FOREVER – for eternity! Don’t miss the inspiration we shared for October! You can find it here.
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