Drip By Drip By Drip

Kids Homeschool Curriculum

Drip By Drip By Drip

Kids Ministry Curriculum

Think what it feels like when that BIG itch on an unreachable spot on our back is finally scratched.

Ahhh  Aww!!!

Those are expressions when you have possessed the itch’s calm.  The same with our souls- we have a big itch for the sweet knowledge of God.  How can we possess this knowledge?  How can we pour this knowledge into our children?  There is no pouring with children –

it is drip-by-drip-by-drip… by-day-by-day-day-by-day-day-by-day- by-drip-by-drip-by-drip deal!

Matthew Henry said it best (warning – it is a mouthful), ”….the best things, the knowledge of God, the communion with him; an interest in Christ, and the blessings of his grace, as pardon, righteousness and a right and title to eternal glory and happiness, and the enjoyment of that: and how sweet are these things the soul desires, when they are possessed!” 

Ahhh Awww!

Go ahead – drip all over your kids.  Their souls are thirsty for God’s Word.

Kids Ministry Curriculum

Kids Ministry Curriculum is designed for the student to study and meditate on the portion of scripture contained in that week’s Kids Ministry Curriculum devotionals, NOT TO MEMORIZE ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS.
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