Crack The Code

He cracks the code….

We all have read a particular passage of scripture and it is often followed by thoughts of


We then grab commentaries to help us understand, but finding out what the scriptures mean to us PERSONALLY takes our Savior.

Jesus is the one that ‘cracks the code’ of scripture for us. He quickens it – makes it come alive.

In Luke 24:45, “Then he opened their mind so they could understand scripture.” Understating scripture is our gift from God.

But, if you think about Luke’s words, Jesus opened their minds to those that were attending the scripture. In reference to teaching our children, how are they to experience ‘code cracking’ from Jesus if you are never offered the disciple of attending scripture? Read these stories to your children, their minds can be opened.

You gotta’ be in it to win it – winning understanding, that is!


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