Blast #2

Bible Curriculum for Kids

Blast #2

If you are knee deep into Blast #2, this is the post for you!

Shut that Picture Bible when you finished the week’s reading and bask in thoughts of God’s character with your children.

So what’s important in Blast #2 about God’s character?

It is all about trusting God. Abraham trusted God by choosing to obey and launching out on his own. Then – with time, his trust was….. NOT SO MUCH. Lot chose to live around sin resulting in a ‘pillar of a wife.’ Abraham became fearful thinking God could not handle matters with Sarah’s super beauty. She must have been what is called ‘nature’s masterpiece.’ Perhaps many of you suffer from this super beauty condition.

 So Abraham cooked up a lie with Sarah. But.. But.. But.. God did not give up on Abraham. God’s covenant with Abraham was solid. God KNEW Abraham was not perfect. Abraham acknowledged his bad choices and asked forgiveness.

Tell your child(ren) this week that when we lose trust in God and do wrong, God is forgiving and still loves us, that is 
God’s character. Go ahead parents – use big Kingdom Words like long-suffering, mercy and grace. Children of the King need to know and use Kingdom vocabulary. 
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