Blast #9 – When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Church Curriculum for Kids

Blast #9 – When Preparation Meets Opportunity

David – When Preparation Meets Opportunity

  This week’s Blast will help your children learn how David was prepared as a child to meet his opportunities with knowledge and strength.  

David’s Life –

As a young boy, David was taught that there was no one greater than the Almighty Living God, and the importance of obedience. While tending sheep, he prepared himself to play and sing music so well that it could calm a King, and use a sling well enough to kill big animals. Later this preparation gave him the opportunity to slay a giant enemy!  

Preparation Matters

Keep “preparing” parents. Training your children in the Word of God will help them be brave and strong when God’s opportunities come their way.   As you read, prepare your children in this Blast to look out for each way David was preparing to be God’s servant.   
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