Blast #8 – Patience and a Plan

Bible Lessons for Kids

Blast #8 – Patience and a Plan

Patience and a Plan! – Trusting God 

  Parents need patience and a plan in order to wait and see what God works out. Two takeaways from this week come from the lives of three women. Hannah, Naomi and Ruth.

Hannah – Prayer and a Promise 

Hannah was a woman that trusted in God’s plan for her life. She prayed for a child with the promise of giving him away to a life of service for God. Her son, Samuel, turned out to be a mighty man of God. Anointing Saul, then David, King of Israel!

Naomi & Ruth – Faithful Endurance

Naomi and Ruth were women who remained faithful to God and waited on His plan.  Naomi stuck by her husband and 2 sons, left Israel only to return in poverty with only one daughter-in-law, Ruth. Together, they trusted in God’s plan and Boaz came to their rescue. As a result of their faithfulness, bing bang boom, Jesus’ great, great, great, great, grandpa named Obed was born! Time and time again, patiently trusting and following God always works out well for His children! This week, discuss with your children how God has been faithful in your own life.   
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