Blast #4 – Reversal of Fortune

Bible Curriculum for Kids

Blast #4 – Reversal of Fortune

“Reversal of Fortune” The Ol’ Switch-a-roo

  This week your children will be wallowing in rapid-fire miracles of Biblical proportions!  Point out to them, where in each story there is a reversal of fortune.   Joseph – was captured and enslaved THEN saves a nation and family from starvation – reversal of fortune.   Baby Moses – is plucked from the waters to become a prince – reversal of fortune.   Hebrew Slaves – are freed and Pharaoh’s army drowned – reversal of fortune.   The Starving Hebrew People –  saw birds/food drop from the sky – reversal of fortune.    But flip to the back of the Picture Bible and show them the BIGGEST reversal of fortune is coming… Our loving Heavenly Father sent Jesus to take all the bad fortune we deserve for our sin and reverses it all. God calls us His children. Jesus calls us His brothers and sisters. Jesus gave His life for us so we can be in Heaven FOREVER!  THAT is a Biblical reversal of fortune!  

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