Blast #3

Kids Bible Curriculum

Blast #3

For all those doing Blasting at church or engaged in Bible Blast in homeschool curriculum – Greetings!

Blast #3 -The Picture Bible – 80-116  

What’s the ‘takeaway’ this week for our children about God’s character?

It’s not likely your children will recall facts about the altar’s name ‘Beth-El’, which specific brother was surprised to learn Joseph was sold into slavery, or the butler and baker’s dreams. Then what IS the most important characteristic of God in the reading this week? God is always present, working and weaving our lives from his purpose. God is not a ghost-like being that appears and disappears (however, our Lord Jesus did that after the resurrection oodles of times.) God’s workings are not coincidences. Feeling ‘lucky’ has nothing to do with God’s providence. Point out to your children, how God was piercingly purposeful when he gave Joseph and Jacob dreams – provided a wife at a well at the right time, gave visions of angels, dream interpretations. Never coincidences. Obeying allows us to perceive God’s providence. Go-Go-Go Blasters !
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