Blast #23 – GO TELL!

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Blast #23 – GO TELL!

It’s Time To Go And Tell!

Hey Kids! “No more, Amy!” said Amy’s Mom. “I refuse to buy any more of your girl scout cookies. Your brother and sisters have spent all their money on your cookies, and I’ve already bought 10 boxes myself! No more!” “But Mom, I just have to sell fifty boxes so I can attend camp this summer. Please, just buy twenty-five more boxes and I promise I won’t ask you for anything else!” said Amy as she tried to hand her Mom yet another box of cookies.  “Amy, I’ve told you over and over, go out in the neighborhood and sell the cookies. I’m positive you’ll sell them if you try. I know it’s cold out there, so here are your hat and mittens to keep you warm. And I’ll get the wagon ready for you so you won’t have to carry all the cookies on your own. If you tell people about the cookies, they will buy them! Now go! SELL!”

This Week’s Reading

That’s just what happens in our stories this week. Only, it’s now time for the disciples to go out and TELL, rather than sell! The Holy Spirit, just like Amy’s Mom in the story, gave the disciples the strength, encouragement, and courage they needed to go out and tell about the good news of Jesus.  Let’s give a great big WAY TO GO to the disciples! It’s taken a lot of time and hard work, but the message came to each of us just in time!  GO-GO-GO!!!
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