Blast #21 – Saving The Best For Last

Bible Lessons for Kids

Blast #21 – Saving The Best For Last

Saving The Best For Last

Hey Kids! What’s your most favorite dessert in the whole world? Well, Jimmy in our story is having that same dessert. Let’s listen in.  “Wow! What smells SO GOOD, Mom?” asked Jimmy.   “Jimmy, get your nose out of that! If you eat all your dinner, you’ll be biting into dessert in no time.”

Jimmy’s mom pulled the dessert away and moved it to another counter.
“OK, Mom… What’s for dinner anyway?”  “Your Dad’s favorite meal – fried liver, boiled turnips and fresh spinach in vinegar sauce,” she said.  “YUK! You know that makes my stomach turn. Do I have to eat dinner, Mom?” Jimmy asked with a look of disgust.  “You do if you want dessert! Think of it this way. I’ve saved the best for last!”

This Week’s Reading

Just like the meal, our stories start out really yukky this week. Jesus is treated so awful it makes your stomach turn. Then He dies and everyone is afraid, lonely and scared. But just like Jesus said would happen, He comes alive again!  Did you know that Jesus is a cook too? He fixes the disciples a mess-o’-fish and they are so happy they don’t even ask for dessert! Jesus really did save the best for last! GO-GO-GO!!!
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