Blast #20 – Field Trips Every Day

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Blast #20 – Field Trips Every Day

Field Trips Every Day

“Joshua, why aren’t you asleep? It’s midnight!” Asked Josh’s mom.  “Oh Mom, tomorrow is the biggest day of my life. Tomorrow’s the day of our big field trip!  No more videos, pictures, and books telling me HOW airplanes fly. Tomorrow, I’m going to touch, feel, hear, and smell one for myself. Me, Joshua, in an ­­airplane! Can you believe it?! I’ll be up in the clouds, soaring like a bird! See, I am already dressed for school instead of my pajamas so that I’ll be ready the minute my alarm goes off!”

This week in our stories you’ll see that this is just how the disciples felt every day with Jesus. He was the best teacher, and with Him, it was a field trip every day! You would never forget the day Jesus told a dead man to come alive again or the time when a man’s ear was cut off and Jesus put it right back on his head.  Let’s get to reading and see what happens next!  GO-GO-GO!!
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