Blast #19 – Doing Things God’s Way

Kids Bible Curriculum

Blast #19 – Doing Things God’s Way

Doing Things God’s Way

Hey Kids! Wouldn’t it be great to be an adult? Let’s dream a minute. If you had the power to decide things like adults, you might make some new rules.  Those new rules might include that every day after school you get to have a new flavor of ice cream, you can go out to eat at your favorite restaurants every night, you get to stay up until midnight, and you NEVER have to do any chores. What about the rule that teachers can only assign homework to play video games and watch TV?! 

Jesus has the power to do ANYTHING! Do you remember those Pharisees that were always trying to get Jesus in trouble? Jesus had the power to put a rocket on their backs and shoot them to the moon, but He chose to do it God’s way and walk in love. It takes POWER to love people and be kind.  You’ll see this week in our stories how many times Jesus chose to love! Let’s get to the reading!  GO-GO-GO!!!
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