Blast #18 – “Wait! Let Me Explain!”

Homeschool Curriculum for Christians

Blast #18 – “Wait! Let Me Explain!”

Pages 558-588

“Quiet down everyone!” shouted Ben, the leader of the club.

“Come on, Michael and Josh. You know dad told us not to lean over the edge of the treehouse! Alright, club. We have some very important business to take care of before we finish our game of Monopoly. David, did you get the newspapers from your neighbors? Sarah, did you bring the refreshments? Great! Everyone grab a cookie and let’s get started.” “Hey, Julie! Up here! Do you want to join our club? It’s tons of fun! The membership fee is just a million dollars! Wait, let me explain! Julie, please don’t cry! It’s a million dollars in monopoly money, not real money!”

Julie didn’t realize that joining Ben’s club was actually really easy until it was explained to her. All she needed was a little more explanation, and she would realize that she could be a part of the club too. This is exactly what happens in our story this week! Nicodemus wanted to join God’s club, but Jesus told him something that seemed impossible.

Jesus told him that he had to be “born again.” Nicodemus thought that he literally had to become like a baby and be born all over again, when Jesus meant something totally different.  
Our story this week will explain to us how we can be born again, God’s way! It turns out to be a whole lot easier than it sounds. It’s time to start reading! GO-GO-GO!!!      
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