Blast #15  – Ability In God’s Hands

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Blast #15  – Ability In God’s Hands

Ability In God’s Hands

Pages 463 – 496

Even just a small amount of ability, when placed in God’s hands, can change an entire nation! This week in Bible Blast, we see this demonstrated first-hand in the lives of Nehemiah and Mordecai.

Nehemiah & Mordecai
Nehemiah was talented at constructing walls and Mordecai was really good at listening. At one point, enemies attacked both of their visions from God on all sides, but both remained faithful and refused to abandon their call. Because of their faithfulness, God used them both to save their entire nation!

With our Almighty God, all of the enemies were defeated!
This week, fill your children with these stories. It’s not a matter of if, but when, that your children will face enemies. When this happens, the stories that they’ve learned will rise up within them and help them be victorious. Keep reading and keep growing! GO-GO-GO!!!  

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