Blast # 16 – What Do You Treasure?

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Blast # 16 – What Do You Treasure?

Pages 497 – 526

It’s pop quiz time!

Take a moment to look around the room you’re in. How do you feel about the things you possess? Do you like them, love them, or feel impartial? Do you think you could give away most of your things to other people if they needed them?  

Things, if we are not careful, have a way of wrapping tentacles around our hearts. Over time, our homes can start to look like museums filled with tons of things that we’re devoted to keeping safe. While God wants us to have nice things, He doesn’t want us to love things more than we love Him. We must teach children from a young age to cherish what’s eternal instead of what’s temporary.

This is what our children are learning in the Picture Bible this week!  
The people in Daniel’s time let their hearts be led astray by loving things more than they loved the Almighty God. But there were a few that decided to choose God above all else. This week, encourage your children to prioritize the things that really matter! GO-GO-GO!!!        

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