Blast #14  – Staying Filled

Bible Curriculum for Kids

Blast #14  – Staying Filled

Staying Filled

Pages 433 – 462
Our hearts and minds need constant watering from God’s Word in order to stay strong and healthy. When we fail to water ourselves by spending time with God, leaks can start to spring up, causing the water that we do have to escape from us! 

Reconnect with the source!
If you’ve been feeling weak or wobbly in your faith, reconnect with the source! Read God’s Word, spend time meditating on His promises for you and your children. As you do, the water of God’s Word will give you fresh life and strength!

In this week’s reading, the children of Israel were having a very difficult time keeping their hearts right with God. They became distracted by the things of the world and started flip-flopping in their faith. This week, stress to your children the importance of consistency. Having our hearts right with God and staying in a close relationship with Him will keep us nourished and prepared for anything life throws our way!

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