Bible lessons For Kids

Blast #13  – God’s Power In Action

God’s Power In Action

Pages 402 – 432

Last week we had ELIJAH-MAN!  This week it’s ELISHA-MAN! Yet another week jam-packed with incredible miracles. When these guys were pinned down by their enemies, they prayed, and they both saw the skies were filled with chariots of fire! WOW!

Elijah and Elisha loved God so much that they started a school to train other prophets about God’s ways. Just like in churches today, they all met together to learn more about God.  They might’ve even had Sunday School classes like, “How to Part The Water,” or “How to Turn One Cup of Oil into Hundreds of Gallons.”  

These prophets really saw some awesome miracles from God.

Don’t you wish you could have God’s power like this in your life? Elisha asked for it, and you can too! Jesus tells us if we have faith as small as a mustard seed we can do even bigger miracles than Him!

Nothing is impossible when you have the power of God backing you up. This week, challenge your children to start exercising their faith by believing God for a situation in their life. Let’s get to reading!