Blast #11  – Forgiveness

Bible Class for Kids

Blast #11  – Forgiveness


  How many times are we to forgive the same person? Does the 3 strikes rule apply for forgiveness?  This week, Bible Blast leads us to that answer.

Over and Over, God Forgives –

King David did most things right. But this week we get a closer look at some BIG mistakes he made.  After the mistakes were brought to his attention, David asked for and received God’s forgiveness, but not without consequence.   Another lesson comes when David’s adult sons did him wrong again and again.  The way King David continually forgave them is the way that God forgives us.  God forgives and restores over and over and over again.    When this is brought to your children’s attention this week, it may make it easier for them to forgive others over and over again.  Ask your children to count as you read the number of times they notice that King David had a forgiving heart. Happy Counting!!! GO-GO-GO!!!  
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