Blast #1

Kids Church Curriculum

Blast #1

First things first

So What? Ask yourself this question. So what is the most important takeaway for your family from Blast #1? Is it memorizing every single name from creation to Noah’s ark? How are tree leaves so conveniently located when we see Adam and Eve in the garden? Who birthed whom? What went wrong with that jealous brother Cain? Yikes! The answer to what is the most important takeaway will be in all Blast posts (Children’s Bible Lessons).

What does Blast #1 teach your family about the character of God?

The attributes in Blast # 1 that reflect God’s character are – every day is full of choices – bad choices bring consequences but not abandonment. God protects his faithful ones (Noah’s ark). God keeps his covenant promise even when Abraham and Sarah tell a big whopper lie…OOPS!… getting ahead a bit…we’ll hear more about that in Blast #2 blog post!  

Always take a moment after you finish reading with your children to close The Picture Bible and reflect on how God dealt with the mess of humanity each and every week. Such incredible juicy stories! You can’t make this stuff up!

Welcome to Bible Blast and Biz !

Welcome to the Fun with Children’s Bible Lessons!

How is your family enjoying the Blast’s Children’s Bible Lessons?
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