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Tulsa Bible Lessons for Elementary School

Many parents share the desire to introduce their children to Tulsa Bible Lessons at a young age, giving them a solid foundation from which to grow. However, choosing a Bible curriculum can be difficult because of how many options are available to you.

Instead of spending all your time researching the right lesson, simply go with Bible Blast – a trusted, easy to use curriculum for you and your family.

As the most versatile Tulsa Bible Lessons  program out there, Bible Blast accomplishes more in regards to imparting Bible knowledge than any other.

You’ll immediately begin to see your children making connections, asking intelligent questions, and interacting with the Bible on their own. Bible Blast is designed to help students learn about God’s word, and how to love and respect it.

Easy to adjust to your schedule and environment, Bible Blast can be used almost anywhere at almost any time. Every lesson is designed specifically for your student’s learning level in mind, getting more complex as their knowledge increases and diving deeper as they age. Bible Blast is your new Tulsa Bible Lessons for Elementary School.

Foundational Years

Elementary is one of the most fun, and important, stages in a young child’s life. These are the years your kids will look back on and remember the motions to a worship song they learned, the activity they did to help them remember a scripture verse, and so much more.

Bible Blast provides kids with the environment and opportunity to ask questions, hear the truth of the Bible, learn what a personal relationship with Christ is and looks like, and to learn and know that they are unconditionally loved by God.

If you are looking for a program that will endure long after it has been completed, Bible Blast is the one for you.

Bible Blast at Church

One of the best things about Bible Blast is that it was created to work in many different learning environments. So, whether your church is big or small, you can find success with Bible Blast.

All over the U.S. churches use Tulsa Bible Lessons from Bible Blast on Sundays, during midweek services, or both! If you are a children’s director and looking for the perfect program to use for your ministry, Bible Blast is it.

It comes with everything you need without having to prepare for hours or print off materials or train teachers, it’s simple, easy, and effective.

Bible Blast at Home

When used at home, Bible Blast is a great tool for parents to follow the mandate of scripture and impress the word of God on the hearts of their children. It is designed to teach kids how to search scripture and understand it. 

With Bible Blast, children will enjoy an exciting journey through the Bible and you get a front-row seat to watch the lessons begin to positively impact their lives.

Set to be 90 minutes, Bible Blast is designed to follow the school calendar and tailored specifically for each age group and it’s easy to incorporate at home. 

Learn More About Bible Blast

If you’d like to learn more about Bible Blast and how you can use it, contact us today!