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Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Have you been looking for a new lesson to follow for your homeschool Bible curriculum? With so much out there to choose from, it can be difficult to feel like you’ve found the right one. So how do you start? And, how do you choose? Bible Blast is the answer. No other homeschool Bible curriculum out there is as versatile as Bible Blast, or accomplishes more in regards to imparting Bible knowledge.

When you begin using Bible Blast, you will see your children begin to make connections, ask intelligent questions, and begin to interact with the Bible on their own. It is designed to help young students learn about God’s word, as well as how to love and respect it. One of the best things about it is the ability you have to modify the lessons and adjust them to fit your schedule, and you can use it in many different environments.

Every Bible Blast lesson is designed specifically for your student’s learning level, getting more complex and diving deeper as they age. Your new homeschool Bible curriculum is Bible Blast!

What is Bible Blast?

A revolutionary kids Bible curriculum that can be used as a family devotion, in a church small-group setting, or in a homeschool setting. The curriculum is designed for ages 4-12 and it grows as your kids do. Each level is designed to reflect their current learning level, echoing the practices they’re learning in school but giving them a Biblical Foundation to build upon.

Within Bible Blast, there is a rewards-based system that encourages students to engage with the material. It is a unique blend of story reading and optional scripture memory, a parent-driven Bible curriculum for kids that everyone loves!

Bible Blast: Homeschool Bible Curriculum

Many homeschool families benefit from utilizing Bible Blast as part of their homeschool curriculum and works well for families of all types and sizes. Single mom or dad, two-parent household, grandparents, only child, multiple children – everyone can find great use of the homeschool Bible curriculum, Bible Blast.

The Bible Blast program is a tool that empowers parents to follow the mandate of scripture and impress the Word of God on the hearts of their children, training them up and teaching them the truths found in the Bible. 

Unlike other programs, Bible Blast comes with prepared lessons for you. So, instead of spending hours preparing to teach your children, you simply use the material in front of you. Accompanied by activities, videos, songs, interactive games, quizzes, and so much more – Bible Blast is a high-energy, incentive-driven, reward-giving Bible curriculum that is sure to teach and engage your children.

Learn More About Bible Blast Homeschool Bible Curriculum

With a desire to teach the Bible to your children, you may be a bit overwhelmed with choosing just the right program or curriculum. Bible Blast makes it easy on you and your kids – you can even request a free sample before you buy!

If you’d like to learn more about what Bible Blast offers you as a homeschool Bible curriculum, contact us today.