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Bible Blast has made teaching the Word of God to your kids a little easier. We have a digital manual that has 24 weeks of lesson plans for your elementary-aged kids. Whether you are a parent trying to teach your kids about the bible, or you are a Sunday school teacher trying to find a curriculum for your church, this manual is for you. All you have to do is become a member and you gain access to our digital bible manual. This manual lays out 24 weeks of lessons including bible lessons, questions and answers, and a memory game.

The same great content and book as the paper version just digital accessible through the Bible Blast website! Our website design was made easy to navigate and interact with. The Digital Manual uses a Flip Book, which can be used on any digital device (i.e. laptops, tablets, and smartphones) that have access to the internet.

Bible Blast is unique because the curriculum is catered to your elementary-aged kids. These lessons are simple enough for them to understand, but still, convey the profound message of the gospel from Genesis to Revelation. We have had so many testimonies of parents from all over saying that they have seen their kids take an interest in the bible and begin to remember passages and bible stories. There is no greater feeling as a parent or teacher than to see your kids take interest in God’s Word.

Kids Bible Curriculum

Don’t just take our word for it, become a member of Bible Blast today and gain access to our Bible Blast digital manual. This manual will inspire you and your kids to learn more about the bible and pursue a relationship with Christ.

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