Bible Blast Testimonies 

This was our first year for Bible Blast.  Our daughter is four and while we wanted to enroll her, we were hesitant about the time commitment.  Ultimately we decided that it was hard to justify prioritizing anything above making sure she learns the Bible.  I loved the program because it gave us a framework to teach the Bible, provided external accountability to make sure we were doing it, and then added the element of fun that it takes to keep her engaged.  I was amazed at how much she soaked up and how excited she was.  These kids are capable of remembering so much more than I gave them credit for at that age!  I was also surprised at how much it taught us about parenting.  This program makes as big of an investment in the parents as it does in the children.

As I look back at the experience, I realize that I did not have a plan to ensure that she learned the Bible.  We brought her to church regularly, but at the end of the day, I was more or less assuming that someone else was teaching what she needed to know.  Of all the things in life that we plan out, we did not have a plan for this.  For that reason, I am unbelievably grateful for the investment that so many have made in developing the curriculum and facilitating the weekly events.


Thank you for your investment in our family!


Jacob Odom

bible blast

The structure and discipline of Bible Blast had all of us looking forward to the end of the day when we could come together and read the Picture Bible stories, study the questions, and memorize scripture.  My little ones loved that each day’s reading “left us hanging,” and that helped us look forward to the next day’s reading when we could find out what happened next.  My kids were practically begging me to sit down and read to them!


Marla Royer

Bible Blast has helped create space for our family to read the Bible together.  My wife and I grew up in Christian homes that emphasized Church engagement but not daily Bible reading.  Biblical literacy is not our strong suit but, through Bible Blast, we hope to encourage our children in developing an excitement and love for God’s Word.  Our greatest hope is that through the process of learning the Bible, our children will come to know, love, and surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.


Aaron & Valerie Cobb

I participate in BIBLE BLAST with my grandchildren. They love it. Learning the Word of God is very exciting and life affirming to them. It is an incredible program, and I am humbled to be able to participate in sowing the Word of God in their hearts, a Word we know will not return void. I am committed to Blast because I believe it is a foundation which will cause these children, as they get older, to make more right and godly decisions than wrong ones. It is comforting to know they are being prepared to stand strong in a world gone awry.



All 6 of our children have absolutely loved Bible Blast – from the great movies and fun prizes to the weekly Bible questions and all the wild and wacky contests!  And as parents, we have loved that our children have come to know Gods’ Word so well through Bible Blast.  That has resulted in our children having a genuinely good relationship with God.  And Bible Blast also inspired date nights in our house.  Ever since taking our first daughter to Bible Blast’s Daddy Daughter Valentines when she was just 4 year old, date nights have been a core weekly part of our family life — for our girls and our boys.  Without a doubt, the Bible Blast ministry has helped shape our children and our family!


Chris & Anna Beach

Our family started Bible Blast when our oldest daughter (now 13) was 4. We had been told by another Blast family how much fun Blast was and that it was a great program. I am so amazed at what our WHOLE family has learned from the program. I am still amazed at what my children have learned and how it leads to deeper conversations about Jesus and the Bible. Bible Blast is at aimed kids, but it isn’t “just for kids.” We have developed deep friendships through the program and have some wonderful traditions that are a part of our family because of Bible Blast.



Bible Blast was foundational in my life. Through the rap and weekly quizzing, I learned the Bible’s sequence, characters, and lessons. The memory program “wrote God’s Word upon my heart.”  As an attorney, I work with man’s law every day. Knowing God’s law—and grace—is invaluable. When I encounter a tough problem, the analogies I think of are to Scripture—how the heroes of the faith handled problems. That is exceptionally rare among my peers.



Memorizing scripture and learning the stories of the Bible in Bible Blast built a strong foundation of spiritual resources for me to draw upon throughout my adulthood. Blast teaches straight from the Bible in a fun, engaging way that I looked forward to every week. I am now in my 30s and I find myself leaning on the Word of God I learned at a young age – I can even still remember the songs we used to learn the books of the Bible. Other platforms like Sunday school, kids camps, youth groups, or even Sunday morning services don’t even come close to the level of impact that Bible Blast had on my life. When I have children of my own, Bible Blast will be a top priority!